Need option to turn off fog?

It’s great being able to zoom further but on some maps, eg Andes, the screen becomes foggy and harder to see what’s going on. Would be good to have an option to turn this fog off completely. Can’t see a benefit to it aesthetically or for gameplay.


Hi @FondCircle52 !

I am not sure what you mean, I checked the map and everything seems to be clear. Can you send to me a picture?


If you use ludicrous zoom, it will be foggy. Happens on most maps.


On some maps like Great Plains it’s the same clearness when zoomed right out as at normal zoom. But with about half the maps it has this foggy effect.

Yes, that’s my point. It would be good to be able to turn it off.

Thanks guys!

We are now tracking this issue :heart:


It is not really a problem as such, it is somewhat deliberate (I think). This is supposed to emulate nibla or dust. The player should be able to activate / deactivate it.