Need some fixes?

well i see guys you are working hard i know but when you make updates or changes you break more stuff in game.
• i got 3 sheeps from start. which is known issue. you should fix that before you make new contents.
•i did workshop and monastery for aging and i couldnt go next age.
• villagers acting like idiot. pathfinding is broken.
• deers can block you if deer can place between 2 tiles. For some reason they dont run away. whenever you walk on them deers wait until deers find the right position to run. i mean they sometimes stuck.

I am not gonna make some rage or yell here to someone. I am just telling you guys. Please fix main problems. Then make new contents to make us play.

It’s funny how they f*cked up, I can’t even open the game cuz’ crash every time.

i am sorry to hear that. after i played 1 game more. i found you can see enemy sheeps if you reveal the map. i don’t know how it is possible. it wasn’t visible before but now it is visible to see enemy sheeps ?