Need team players ELO 1250 - 1500 range to play CET 18 - 23h time

Any people want to play nice games in team ?

Hey, call me crazy but I THINK this was called lobbies in TAD… Remember when you could talk to other people in the lobbies and form connections?

Remember when we were not treated like children and were allowed autonomy in how we played the game and with who.

Remember when the rank would show in the lobby browser screen.

Remember when it didn’t take 5mins to find a match, even at off peak.

Remember when you started a match it actually started, instead of half the time ‘failing to connect’ like in DE…

I member :neutral_face:

But ey, at least ESOC got what they wanted, quickmatch… Now we can all sit blankly at the screens and wait to be told what map we’re playing and with who. Devs know what’s best :slight_smile:


The feels :cry:
What a great time it was, back when we called it colonialism.

Yes an d i would like to do discord and team up with people on 1200 to 1450 elo on teams ranking to start improving and acoid early resigners and other annoyances