NEED upgraded indian civilization

I would like to see indian civilization in AOE4 with more upgradation,needs heroes like rani lakshmi bai,Tippu Sultan etc with special black magical talents etc

Please not magic… Only real things this isn’t warcraft of age of mythology

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I mean monks with special abilities

The Indians are already a civilization of strong camels and cheap villagers. I think that there will be no other civilization with unique units of monks like the Spaniards (missionary). Maybe the monks could have an attack mode and a cure mode. The cure mode would be to approach 4 frames (range healing) to a weakened soldier, seen with the line of sight. The attack mode may be to convert the first visible enemy into the line of sight range, but this mode would change the game and the skills that can be developed in a player. In a forum comment someone proposed to change Heresy for the curse skill, where the enemy monk died after converting a unit of yours. Perhaps it is difficult to know which monk should die if several convert haha (random?). Well, it was an interesting idea.