Needed UI Improvements

Upgrades should tell you exactly what they change about the unit. +30 hp, +4 attack, +6 bonus vs light.
the upgrade tiles need to give us more than they currently do. don’t just tell us its a stronger version of a unit, tell us how.

Garrisoned Buildings should show stat page, as well as the currently selected unit in an army.

Units with multiple attacks should be more clear, with multiples of the same attack denoted with a number (3x?) rather than each one separately. and siege attack needs to be listed separately as well. perhaps an expanded UI option?


Yeah i’ve found a lot of upgrade tooltips being inconsistent in the amount of information given.
Knowing what stats the upgrades actually give would be pretty helpful.

If you hover over castles with multiple emplacements they seem to list all the weapons available, including their weapon damage and attack speed.

100% agree.

Giving the player more information is always good for the game and the player.
Especially RTS players are numbers and analysis geeks, watching aftermatch revealed map, analyzing the game and checking out aftermatch stats with graphs and numbers.

No reason to hide any game information so players can make more clear decisions.

Agree with everything you’ve said except this last one. I actually find each one listed separately (in Keeps / Towers for e.g.) to be clearer. It’s a detailed breakdown without being too overwhelming imo.