Negativ ammount of units lost, explanation pls :D

Its not really a big deal, but i was wondering if someone could explain this phenomenon to me :slight_smile:
i see it like once every month or so, but dont know whats the mechanic behind it

i was playing with a friend and after the match he had a negativ ammount of lost units.

-he was playing swedes on upper andes
-he did send surströming, unit shipments, typicall swedish cards…
-there was a tiny fight, where he lost like 5 or 6 units
-i did send team unit shipments
-he did NOT capture units from treassures
-he did NOT cheat

we suspected surströming to be the most likely candidate since it does some strange stuff with converting to ‘mother nature/gaia’ after u collect it and its maybe somehow related to minuteman (Fermented minuteman? - german translation bug)
but we failed to recreate it afterwards.

(didnt post in bug report, since its not a big deal and i hope here more people will see it)

im guessing you sent mercs?
sweden used to or maybe i guess still does have some weird interaction where if you send only mercs or dont loose much it does this. smarter people can explain it better than me im sure