Negative feedback!


I will name everything negative that I found.
I think it will bother the whole community

  1. Units go through buildings - Please fix it
  2. Burning torches - Do it better so it doesn’t look like a laser beam - Please fix it.
  3. Arrows - Everyone has heard of arrows. (trajectories, arrows in the ground look strange, artificial) Please correct it.
  4. Destruction of siege weapons - Do it better, it looks weird when you destroy a siege device and you see an animation of just a few wood chips.
    (how fallen wheels, rolling destroyed cannon, etc.) Please correct it.
  5. Missing pointer when sending units into the dark. This is very strange. Please fix it.
  6. A long wait for the match is about more than 1 minute + another time the selection of the nation. Please fix it.
  7. I think ZOOM could be delayed - Please fix it
  8. Optimization. Enable multiple graphics cards at the Hight level.
    My example: I have a GTX 3060 12VRAM GB 32 GB RAM
    And I can’t set Animation to Hight level. Please fix it.

Make the last point first. It’s so weird that my G.card doesn’t go to Hight animation.