Nerf caroleans? A little too absurd?

they are very cheap, meele resistance makes them god.
only thing would be good versus that is rifle rider and cavalry archer, but only when they are on range, once on meele, we dead
anyway, i knew from start that developers always make god civs, just to atrract people, then nerf them etc.
its like in league of legends every time they creat e a new champion that is like a god, they want you spend money on that

dont be surprised when new civs come, that units are going to be op too.

The overall design of Swedes is unlike any other civ in the game. They don’t have regular units as anti-infantry infantry and anti-cavalry cavalry like every other civ does, and then they were given two units that can be buffed or switched to fulfill multiple roles (which is a sign of being either absurdly OP or absurdly UP)
Hakkapelitts are simpler because they’re just heavy melee cav with a short range.
Caroleans are difficult because they are designed to play the role of regular musketeers, and also melee skirmishers, and even dragoons in the late game.
Such a unit would be extremely hard to balance…you end up with a unit that is either good against everything or bad against everything.

I’d rather they stick to the design of units with fewer purpose. Then give the unique unit a slightly different advantage, like higher melee for janissaries. The original design of Fusiliers is acceptable here and can be directly applied to Caroleans. Just don’t make a unit with too many roles.


back then in 2005 / 2006 spain rodoleros got nerfed from like 14 dmg to 11 because they were too op in melee. And they are same costs and got less hitpoints.

So basically carolingers shouldnt have more then 15 dmg in melee, or costs 125 ressources


16 Longbows should be able to hold off 24 Caroleans, unless there is a massive upgrade difference (Guard Cars vs normal LBs). Longbows and Crossbows are listed as a counter to Caroleans and other Heavy Infantry, and while they can beat all other Musketeers (even the Ashigaru, which was the strongest one by far, before), they just fail against Caroleans, because Caroleans are just a little too good.

Becuse Swedes have no Archers or Skirmishers, I think it is fair that the Carolean remain an universal counter to everything, but it should definitely incur a greater penalty while doing so.
It either needs to be more expensive, or have less survivability (my proposed solution).

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Yeah they’re way too powerful, basically a super-rodelero with a shooting attack


They are basically a Samurai-Dragoon hybrid, but without the splash damage, and he melee multiplier applying to Infantry instead of Cavalry.

of course ashigadure fail agaisnt caroleans, caroleans ahve bonus versus them

i dont know the changes on resistance and stats they can get with cards.
but maybe using infatery (0.80x) that have bonus versus heavy infatry on distance and meele mode, and have enough hitpoints would controlled, i dont know if that unit exist, and i dont know caroleans changes.
Of course they are op if they are good versus all untis and if infatery (0.80x) cannnot controlled them.
caroleans need to be more expensive
i dont even know how many sources per second a sweden house produce, the game lacks of info about this, when i click it doesnt show how many they are gathering
anyway i stopped playing because the lack of this info, and that games closes suddenly and ranked wiinings doesnt count

Either the meelee attack should be nerfed (to like 16-17) so that they don’t absolutely dominate the meelee war vs all units, while being able to catch up with most as well. Or their meelee speed should be reduced to about 4.75, so that units like musketeers or crossbows can kite them for a bit longer, before they catch up and destroy you.

problem is, they also kill them at range
they also kill skirmishers in melee.

Aside from whatever the nerf will be. The only focus in this nerf should be to make caroleans not able to kill their counter as they do right now. That is what is making it impossible to deal vs them.

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Imo Caroleans should just be closer to a normal musketeer. the more outlandish their unique abilities the harder it is to balance them. For starters normalize their firerate to be the same as every other gunpowder infantry. 3.0s, then their ranged damage can be 19 - 21 damage. a bit lower than the musketeer at 23 but the carolean ofc has ranged modifiers against cavalry.

Their melee damage should be reduced to 15 in my honest oppinion, but with the same multipliers as their ranged multipliers. slightly higher than the musketeer but nothing outlandish and you wouldnt need wierd multipliers to make them “fair” against skirmishers. without melee multipliers caroleans get demolished by strong cavalry like the french gendarmes.

Ranged armor also makes them really strong, especially when the extra health compensates for all the downsides from losing your melee armor. 30% resistance is a lot, perhaps lower the ranged resistance to 10 or 20% and get rid of the health increase. it should be a trade off.


I mostly agree with the thought of making them much more closer to their original idea a Musketeer.

In the case that caroelans get nerfed to the ground. Then enabling Skirms for swede can be a solution?

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There is no need to nerf them to the ground either, just diminish their HP, and they will have to mix in Leather Cannons when facing Skirmishers.

Leather Cannons are already the Swedes Skirmishers.

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DO NOT NERF their HP otherwise they will trade very very poorly vs cav UNTIL age 3. Instead change their infantry multiplier from 0.8 bonus to 0.5 and make their heavy infantry bonus 2.0. This will allow carolean to do exactly the same thing it already does to cav, musk, goons BUT it would make caroleans EXTREMEMLY inefficient vs skrim and xbow mass for mass.

The funny thing is it appears previous producers HAVE already implemented this logic to the ashigura which have tremendous speed and high range DPS BUT only 11 (10 base before DE) melee attack; which still allows them to trade semi well if they get a surround on skrims.

Incas it’s a same ■■■■ !
Maybe we should start them with 1000 food / wood / gold to be sure he ends the game instead. 5-6 tc age 3?
Houses that produce an abysmal food rate, ultra-op military units that cost nothing and that you can save in your buildings?
As a Sioux player I can do absolutely nothing.
If I rush at age 2 it’s useless I will quickly get outmassed and the number of buildings discourages me from breaking them.
If I semi ff, I would have very little impact and will be seen fairly quickly with the layout of the houses.If I ff I simply get out boom and out mass!
A solution ?


A nerf to the Caroleans has to do with their speed. been thinking and even if we put 0.5 against light inf. they will still go close and light infantry in close range doesn’t do much. Speed has to be somehow nerfed

What is this supposed to prove? That your caroleans despite not controlling them, being outnumbered, and fighting a warchief did not manage to win? Yea that certainly shows that caroleans aren’t OP…


I just don’t know if his video is a parody or a joke because it was really funny. Good content creation buddy


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Caroleans fire faster, they fire every 2 seconds, not every 3 seconds like the tomahawk.
if they fired at the same rate then caroleans would have 21 damage. but also get 1.5 - 2.5x against cavalry. wood is much more expensive than food or gold because it gathers slower. caroleans can just run up to the tomahawk and punch it to death ignoring the “higher” ranged attack.