if they lost, they should just play better.
It’s easy rule. If u lost - u was not good enough.

Eh? You think pros dont do bad plays? Pros do good and bad plays that will turn the game to either direction.

What are you smoking? I want those too. Just watched viper playing round 64 match and he made bad play and lost the game because of it.

Lower elo players do bad plays more frequently. And yes late game china is scary civ to fight against but thats all they got. Feudal is crap and castle is okayish.

I do lot of bad plays but I dont go around screaming omfg this unit is so broken. If I lose I lose because I sucked. Simple as that.

You know, according to the math, if you go in with 50 Fire Lancers, it takes 6 seconds for them to take out the TC, and then 4 seconds for each landmark, meaning China is the only faction in the game that can potentially cheese an opponent to death in 18+ seconds. With move-time inbetween buildings, realistically its more like 30 seconds, but hey, 30 seconds is still a really long time on giant team maps, so hope you weren’t doing a push or something when the backdoor comes so you can make it back in time :slight_smile:

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he will keep 5 mangonels and 20 spears behind landmark, which means he fight 140 vs 200 population.


You scout Fire Lancers, so you keep your army home to defend against any FL cheese… But then they build a Wonder because 3-4 people pooled their money and Chinese build things 2x fast as everyone else, so now you are forced to move out! But wait, if you move out their FLs can rush in and eliminate you in 30 seconds…

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This doesn’t have any reference value fire lancers are just too stupid that ignore any attack from enemy and focus on landmark only. this is exactly a noob control and considered not broken.

You can keep saying any argument, but the data is there.

2 FLs have slightly more siege ability than 1 Ram, cost less (240 <300), go on horseback (they have less HP, but that makes up for it with their speed), have an area attack on spear charge, and almost can prepare your coffee.

Things are as they are, I see well that the siege capacity of that cavalry is higher than the veteran light cavalry, but it must have between 40-50% less siege to remain strong, but reasonably balanced especially in team games they tend to get a little longer.

This is only 1v1 or i miss something?

Even easier in 4v4 then. 4 players to build the walls and keeps instead of one.

I am asking for team stats because someone claimed than china was played at 26%, so i want to know where this stat come from.
I don’t care abount anything else.

No idea where they got that info. Probably just based on their own experiences? Can’t find stats for team games. Only pick rates for 1v1 games here

Maybe someone else can link you to team game pick rate stats?

May be this post?

But i can’t find the source. In aoeiv i can’t see the detail of winrate/pick rate.

i’ve said:
no sites with TG stats? Do it urself with their data through their API.
How and what has been calculated u can see in the post above.

I’m sorry dude, but devs don’t care.

This thread is just one man and his battle against logic, balance and people wanting to improve team games.

It would almost be admirable if not for the detrimental impact people like this can have on balance and the longevity of the game.


I only wish we knew what they thought.

you not only bragging about wins while claiming you know what you are doing, but also spamming towers in one spot and winning with wonders (even in 1vs1) while claiming to be the “wonder masta” immediately convinced me to not take you and your post seriously at all, alongside seeing it as an pure troll bait post, and im saying this as someone who knows how to appropriately control fire lancers, especially spams, and is an self-certified wonder buster

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He’s also pretending he’s top 50 in quickmatch elo when he’s top 50 in custom elo then denies custom elo exists.


any word from relic on when we’ll get a China nerf?

The game is honestly being dragged down by them and the way people play them.