Simply we can divide players into 3 groups.

  1. victim of fire lancer, keep complaining.
  2. fire lancer doesn’t matter their gameplay too much, barely talk due to they don’t care.
  3. benefit from fire lancer, hard defend for fire lancer and keep objecting first type players.
  1. Victim of fire lancers, bored of their stupid meta and gameplay which ruins entire gameplay - cca. 99% of people who do not do it by themself.

Have I ever denied that I don’t use them? Nope. I have multiple times openly said I use them (I also use any unit from chinas arsenal so im not just spamming FL only) and I have also openly said nerffing them is stupid but rework for them to be different type of unit so they’re not so much of unfun to play against in low elo games should be the way because issue is literally at low elo games or games where opponent is just playing poorly regardless if its team games or 1v1

Because nerffing a unit thats has very limited uses is not exactly way to go and it doesn’t still necessary make it fun to play against.

But imagine that. I have no issues of dealing with them? So I wonder is the issue that most of you guys are just neglecting them and having pants down and get yourself killed?

I have met lot of players that actually respond properly to FL and can easily defend against them and win the game because of it.

More like this

  1. Complaining ppl who do not see their own mistakes and shortcomings are being loud which is completely normal whenever it comes down to games regardless of genre. Its always easier to blame someone else or something else than themselves. Many ppl think they’re better than they actually are and keep believing that if x thing didn’t happen they would win or do better.
  2. On point
  3. Sure.
  4. Ppl that sees the units as cannon fodder in longer games where they’re not used to cheese opponent.

Like example the creator of this thread mr ladder top 50. “i just yoloed the wonder middle of shittiest place on map and managed to only build 1 keep in 5minutes without any springalds / cannon upgrades and had army completely out of position or no army and they took my wonder down with FL” = unit is broken.

I happily eat all my words in here and admit I was wrong IF someone provides me replays from a games that FL were used to instantly snipe landmarks where they do no mistakes or missplays by themselves. But so far not seen any and there wont be any / sole reason for opponents victory

Here you have another example mr. Out of reality

Fire lancer abuse from the start to beginning - It was only fight between two Chinese who can use theirs FL more effectively on tgs tourney so far.

Already seen that match, mr. And already said what I had to say about it. Especially the part where the FL went to Yo’s base went for uncontested very long time and were irrelevant because the game was already over 5mins before the push.

Top of that the backdoor from another team before it was defended easily.

So your point being? China masses FL? So does HRE mass MAA and Mongols lancers and Abbasid CA?

Maybe the fact you cannot snipe enemy landmarks within a few seconds with MAA, lancers or CA?
Will u get it finally or God was not generous in your case at all?

You can snipe enemy landmarks with mass scouts?

And all of those units beat FL.?

Im sry but that video is completely irrelevant to your argument. You can watch the both pushes from both teams with FL and neither of them proceeded in way that ppl describe it here and yet the first push didn’t win the game for Yo’s team and push at Yo’s base. Yo had his CA targeting few infantry and ignoring FL that were top of his landmark.

Plus the army supply was 2-3x favor in opposite team so its even more irrelevant. They were losing the game long before that landmark killing become relevant.

Seems like all of these things dont matter at all.

I don’t know if we can call “limited uses” an units which insta give you the win when you mass 30 of them. It’s the exodia of AoE4 team game ^^

Anyway, the question is, what stats said and what the very top team players said.

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Am OP20 player in Europe for both 3v3 and 4v4 and I play mostly ALONE so u can read again all what I wrote about them.

i’ve posted statL: 26% pickrate for china. It’s even more than Mongols in 1vs1.
Surely u see other civs in 4vs4 games, but statistically it’s absurdly huge difference.

Insta win in scenario where player is completely out of position with no information whats coming to their way and neglect the potential threat of FL and this applies to everything. If you’re not prepared to deal with something then you’re going to lose. Makes no difference if your landmarks go down in 1 minute or 5 minutes.

Plenty of players in team games just do their own thing and play the way they decided to play before match even started and neglect the information they should see on minimap or even what they scout.

I lose lot of games to english + french ram rush due the fact that my ally always does something that they shouldn’t and I end up fighting 2v1. Tons of times I had ally bringing 1 spearmen while enemy had army supply of 40-50 at my base and I could match one opponent but not two.

Do I think those rushes are OP? No. They’re strong but mostly because playing with randoms its almost always very uncoordinated and players refuse to counter the situation they’re in. Same applies to FL.

I have not seen single video that proves it wrong.

There is always different opinions regarding balance even at top level. There are some saying FL are just pure ■■■■ and some love them and some just think they’re broken OP

Oh nooooes I JUST LOST TO GAME TO FL CHINA PLAYER: Omfg they’re so broken insanely broken omfg now i see what you guys mean.

Lol no. True that I lost first game for long time where someone else did FL but didn’t lose because of them. I lost because I screwed up in every possible manner. Bad eco, went to palace guards for some weird reason against HRE and lost siege superiority.

Where do you get those stat?

aoeiv net they have API
it’'s top 1500player for 4vs4 ladder.

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Wasting 1600 (even more becaus eof upgrades btw.) stone on keeps + like 30 popcap only to sit back and doing nothing - SEEMS LEGIT bruh. - good luck with keeping a pace with your opponent with such a waste

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5-6 mangonels behind the landmark would’ve been sufficient.

But good thing about this video is that it demonstrates that FL cheese is easy to defend if necessary. You wont need many spears or anything to reduce their numbers to none existing.

Its also waste to die.

While I don’t personally use keeps like that to defend against FL. I might do 1 keep at most and even that isn’t fully upgraded.

Key to defend against them is knowing where they’re and keeping tabs on them. Pointless to right click 100 supply spears to chase them. Not gonna happen. Estimate how many FL there is and how many spears you want to commit to chasing or any unit. Lets say there is 50 FL.

Start chasing with 20 spears and keep like 20-30 lurking between FL and own base.

Players don’t need massive force in own base if they react the moment they show up and there is nothing special about having small force at base rdy to defend any form of harass.

But in all of my FL games that I have played ppl take anywhere from 30-90 seconds to take any sort of action. Even if they see the Yuan dynasty with stables they just keep doing their own little thing.

it was trolling video i believe
5 mangonels behind each building and u are safe unless Chineese is clever enough to kill mangonels first.

PS i like how u push that thread to the top. 11


What ever its troll its still shows that its easy.

You can use any unit u wish to defend. 5-6 mangonels get one shot off and all those FL are dead.

Why you need 5 behind each building? Like literally?!?! Acting stupid or are you actually???

You can build 20 keeps to keep yourself safe if you want to. Idc what you do.