That’s a problem for most players that lose team games, a failure to react accordingly to what’s being scouted or called for by teammates. Nobody can be on top of things in every game, so games are lost. Unfortunately, if you make something easy to use, like FL, you will always have players complaining about the work needed to counter it.

why Fl ever fight against mangonel?

and if they do
5-6 Fl can one shot off vils on gold/wood/stone. Far more common situation.

because FL can attack from North, South and other dirrection. how u will protect it?

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Anyone with half a brain would go after the mangonels first before trying to attack buildings. Fire lancers take them out super fast.


You know. Unless there is a scout with FL group then they dont see mangonels because of fog of war before they shoot. You know that right? Magonels are not like nest of bees that take ages to fire off.

In scenario where the player isn’t paying attention and lets their villagers do their thing. If player splits them they get maybe 1-2 kills but hey what would I know im just lowly player with no skill

5-6 knights kill those villagers if opponent doesnt react. So your argument is bad. Not much of difference if villagers die in 1second instead of 3 seconds

What I have been saying here? Information is key and keeping tabs on where FL is. Same applies any sort of raiding. If you know where harassment is coming from before it happens you can safely protect your villagers. I bet you’re one of those players who react to knights or archers harassment after you lost 2-4 villagers.

Yes they kill mangonels fast. Any one with more than half brain would avoid mangonels unless they can get proper jump on them between shots because if you run to them straight they just gonna kill most of FL with first volley of rocks.

Do you run any of your army to 5 mangonels straight? I wonder how many units you lose to it per game if you do so.

Even 500 ELO apes know about one-click wide formation magic.

Thanks again man.

Now I seriously think u are a troll or u hate FL really as much as possible and u only try to feed this thread so it remains N.1 24/7.

Thanks buddy. Hero of all people

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stop it.
Unless Rus scouted FL, he should not do mangonels in protection. So there would no mangonels.

yes, anyone from Chinese allowed to micro but chines FL shall die from several mangonel shots.

against kts u need just send them home, against FL u need to split vils first.
Also player recieve “alert” from the game after the first hit.

let’s bet more interesting stuff.
Same map from the game(with same buildings), same amount of mangonels and units.
1vs1 u play as rus, if u failed to micro - u lost.
But the bet should be high in $.

PS i’m playing only FL in 4vs4, but i dont snipe, i just kill everything in combat.

Wont matter if its top or not.

better, he is playing only FL. above u can find his games, there he running around opponent base, running from spears. And 2 hit any building.
If he can - he snipes landmarks.
He does not want these running rams to be fixed.

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So real gift for entire playing community

This is for medal :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I knew it. So you can micro? So why are you not microing against FL?

Its really funny tho. Your response “just micro FL” when I say that to you then “NOT POSSIBLE THEY KILL EVERYTHING” rofl

Once player receives the alert its already too late you’ve lost your villagers against any form of raiding unless its literally one scout or spearman. If its relevant raiding unit like knights or so you lose all your villagers when you wait for the alert message.

Sure sure

Which I have said probably tens of times now that stupid to ask nerf a unit for 3v3 / 4v4 if goal of this game balance is around 1v1 and because players just play poorly. Rework maybe so the unit isn’t unfun to play against but nerf for a niche unit which only works against bad plays.

perfect example of player failing to scout cheese. Exactly same as FL cheese. If you’re not prepared then you deserve to lose

A lot of 1v1s PROS who had the honor to face late-game China
And all members of teamgames on tourneys just do BAD PLAYS - TROLOLOLOLOLOL :rofl::rofl::rofl:

if they lost, they should just play better.
It’s easy rule. If u lost - u was not good enough.

Eh? You think pros dont do bad plays? Pros do good and bad plays that will turn the game to either direction.

What are you smoking? I want those too. Just watched viper playing round 64 match and he made bad play and lost the game because of it.

Lower elo players do bad plays more frequently. And yes late game china is scary civ to fight against but thats all they got. Feudal is crap and castle is okayish.

I do lot of bad plays but I dont go around screaming omfg this unit is so broken. If I lose I lose because I sucked. Simple as that.

You know, according to the math, if you go in with 50 Fire Lancers, it takes 6 seconds for them to take out the TC, and then 4 seconds for each landmark, meaning China is the only faction in the game that can potentially cheese an opponent to death in 18+ seconds. With move-time inbetween buildings, realistically its more like 30 seconds, but hey, 30 seconds is still a really long time on giant team maps, so hope you weren’t doing a push or something when the backdoor comes so you can make it back in time :slight_smile:

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he will keep 5 mangonels and 20 spears behind landmark, which means he fight 140 vs 200 population.


You scout Fire Lancers, so you keep your army home to defend against any FL cheese… But then they build a Wonder because 3-4 people pooled their money and Chinese build things 2x fast as everyone else, so now you are forced to move out! But wait, if you move out their FLs can rush in and eliminate you in 30 seconds…

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This doesn’t have any reference value fire lancers are just too stupid that ignore any attack from enemy and focus on landmark only. this is exactly a noob control and considered not broken.

You can keep saying any argument, but the data is there.

2 FLs have slightly more siege ability than 1 Ram, cost less (240 <300), go on horseback (they have less HP, but that makes up for it with their speed), have an area attack on spear charge, and almost can prepare your coffee.

Things are as they are, I see well that the siege capacity of that cavalry is higher than the veteran light cavalry, but it must have between 40-50% less siege to remain strong, but reasonably balanced especially in team games they tend to get a little longer.

This is only 1v1 or i miss something?