Nerf HRE.... again

lmao, it is a much better ver. of Regnitz, how can you see it as a nerf. You do not have to bring it back to cathedral anymore, being able to buff those tw.

Players absolutely don’t “university agree on this”.

Maybe some players from Bronze.

But you are just trying to frame your personal opinion as facts. Without providing any proofs to extremely bold claims.

It’s obvious you never played HRE.

Its funny. When ever its question regarding china how they struggle against aggression early on and how they relied to their late game power to win the game players were “NERF NERF NERF DELETE CIV” but when it comes down to HRE “nah its fine because HRE struggles early on”. HRE should get same treatment as china. Swabia nerffed to ground alongside their MAA and relics.

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How China nerfs are any relevant to the topic of conversation?

And HRE is already nerfed as many times as China.

You guys really need to try to reach Diamond with HRE before making hilariously bold claims about something you have no experience with.

It is actually on the opposite, players at higher levels all agree that HRE is an s+ civ. Because it is a meta at a higher level player to boom, and good players know how to defend early feudal aggression pretty easily, that’s why mostly to fight HRE is quite relying on the tw rush.

sure, I am the one who give the explanation supporting my arguments, while you are the one just shouting “feudal agression”, “HRE weak is objective facts”, and so on xDD

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You are providing zero proof to any of your extremely bold claims.

No proof HRE is an “S+ tier”.

No proof for “HRE is universally considered to be S+ tier”.
But the goalpost already moved to “higher level players all agree…”.

No proof I’m shouting anything while I’m talking calmly and rational, exposing lack of any proof from your side.
But get personally attacked again and again.

This all speaks volumes about strength of your non existing arguments.


Its relevant because some players conception is how one civilization cannot be late game civ, but another can. So the argument “oh HRE struggles early on so its fine that they got strongest or top tier late game is fine” is bad.

Yeah nope. China is the most nerffed civilization in AOE4 by large margin while not exactly receiving worthwhile buffs to fix their feudal / castle. Meanwhile HRE gets one nerf and then multiple good buffs.

Diamond doesn’t exactly prove anything especially when devs decided to give free conquerors left and right. Besides HRE had above platinum (only option in aoe4 worlds) 50.5% winrate which makes it 3rd strongest civ with 3rd highest pickrate. Both of these indicate that HRE was in good spot in latest patch. If something slight nerfs should occur but nothing major, but yet again they receive buff. So question is why? If civ is in good spot and isn’t super struggling why do they get buffs?

Just like Delhi got berry buffs when they were top tier, but no nerfs in return.

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Is that again zero proof, only a personal opinion of one player?

Do you want me to search proofs for your points for you?

There is your timestamp + its based on statistic of wololol tournament which they had highest winrates.


I fully agree no civ should be a late game civ, or an early game civ, or a mid game civ.
All it does is making matches extremely predictable when everyone knows what exactly both players are going to do before the game even started; and making every map have 1 or 2 objectively best and everyone else is just out of the game.

The problem is not making OP civ potential in certain age less OP.
The problem is not accompanying nerfing late game with buffing early and mid game.
Which boils down to abysmal speed of updating the game, where we have to wait for months until the devs do at least something to address clearly underpowered or over performing civs.

Which in turn boils down to Microsoft not allocating reasonable budget to post launch support of the game.
But that’s going too far into another topic already.

That’s true, sadly.
Now we don’t have any way of measuring the skill.

It isn’t.
HRE had around 33% against French and Mongols in Platinum+ when we still had a data on that skill bracket.

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I dont say I am giving proof, I said “I am the one who give the explanation supporting my arguments”, which contain me trying to explain why HRE doesn’t suck like some HRE players think.

I am the one who explain in a rational way while you just keep saying anyone who doesn’t agree with you is wrong.

So much being rational ofc.

and ending with this one is perfect.

While you are the one who claim that it is an objective fact several times, but yet, there is no proof from you?

Anyway, from the clip of Beasty above, I just gonna quote here and leave no comment.

Beastyqt: “I am disgusted by HRE, it’s an insane civ and it getting busted, … HRE right now has insane withrate in tournament, it has a highest winrate out of any civ, and it is getting buff.”

While you clearly can’t even have a basic understanding how Regnitz is getting buffed next patch.

If you looks at HRE stat, the winrate is in the top three statistically, with only weakness is Fra & Mongol, while crushing other 5 civs easily with the highest winrate of every matchuup (except against rus HRE is 2nd to best (only 0.2% behind dehli)).

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can you show the proof to support this statement?

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Thats only 2 civs out of 7 civs. So they do well against 5 civs with good winrate suggest that civ is doing well. Meanwhile some other civs are only good against 1 or 2 and thats it.

I can tell rn that if pup changes go live as they were then following happens. Cavalry especially heavy cavalry is very dominant in every mode. Currently in 1v1 its not as dominant as its in TG’s but when they just buff cavalry to basically hard counter any form of siege and they fight against spears / crossbows already so well there is no reason to go infantry based armies or siege comps.

So civ that can reach castle age fastest + has good cavalry is dominating. So either all french start doing fast castle into military landmark in castle age because the 80hp is ridiculous in castle age and basically insta win as of rn in TG’s and this soon be 1v1 too. HRE if they get faster castle timings they gain map control and relic control and easily can flood opponent with lots of knights and they already got prelates so they can utilize them for healing low knights.

They don’t.

Before the Ranked was ruined, HRE had negative win rate vs French, Mongols, Rus and Dheli in Platinum+.

Now there is no data.

It isn’t, when it dies or receives critical eco damage in Feudal against half the civs.

And the other half is weak civs as well that lose to the same civs as HRE.

And why are they having highest winrate in road to wololol? Are you going to justify it by saying it was also ruined?


Are you going to conveniently forget that tournaments have civ picks, civ bans and a custom map pool?

And that pro players pick a civ per map as opposed to maining a civ as almost entire playerbase does?

Does the theme of maps suddenly change? Some are easier for turtling and some are more open? You think suddenly there is closed up open map with teleports next to your opponents base? Road to wololo had 2 custom maps and 6 ladder maps.

And if you want to be skilled player you would do exactly same in ladder. One trick ponies like myself, I cant consider ever becoming as good player as someone who can play all the civs.

Look. I have nothing against buffing HRE weaknesses like feudal age etc, but in return they need nerfs to their late game. Its wrong to buff civilization that has good winrates and is relatively strong without taking anything away from them. This goes completely against what they’ve done with china / mongols. (Again not saying something should’ve not been nerffed)

In chinas case they have constantly nerffed chinese strengths (tired of using my civ as example but its sad truth of civ) without giving them anything in return. Feudal / Castle are still dog shit and each patch just makes imperial worse or complete dog shit in next patch.

For example relics for HRE are way too strong and should be nerffed. Its simple as that. Its not like Delhi sacred sites which are on the map and not inside delhis base. Imagine every player having 1-2 sacred sites inside their starter base? How much fun delhi players would have with that. Thats essentially what relics are for HRE.

Player has to deny relics and capture them before HRE gets them otherwise the threat of relic eco boost exist on the map. Top of that they got cheapest imperial landmark with most ridiculous bonus on it making it even more important to stop HRE relics.

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I totally agree with this. After next patch players will be forced into being aggressive against HRE otherwise their eco will go out of control, and trying to go eco yourself with multiple tcs will simply be a death sentence because its pretty much free relics for hre.

Also that buff will make hre completely busted on team games since there are many more relics in the map.

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While I don’t want balance team to focus on multiple mods and more to 1v1 they still have to figure out specific rule sets for TG’s to stop stuff like this. I can tell rn in 2v2 its impossible to deny 2 relics from HRE, even if I hit faster castle timing I might be able to slow them down by minute or two but in the end they get 1-4 relics and at that point its gg

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