Nerf Humbaraci!

for some reason they are very strong against all units, the only way to counter a large group is with a currassier army, a lot of players just play humbaraci spam


No, they suck vs cav and they are very expensive 2 population units.


they should rather buff the other grenadiers.


Normal default granadier 2pop too

Compared to the English grenadier, the humbaraci doesn’t have that much of an advantage, does it?

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more hp, more range, more siege, bonus vs artillery, more speed, more melee


Just make all the grenadiers useful and they are at or above the level of this grenadier. It doesn’t make sense to finally make a unit useful, and then reduce it again.

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Then we get an infinite cicle of buffing units until reaching ridicoulous lvls.
Russian ones with runsack are devastating, and are trained instantly tho

pretty sure its a 2:1 situation. Close fight. Depends on who outnumbers who.

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Humbaraci has slightly better stats overall compared to Grenadier but it is expected because they have -1 Area of Effect which is huge difference. They are far from being OP at least is supremacy.

Anyway, Grenadier/Humbaraci is countered by heavy cavalry, light infantry (especially with CIR and considering their bigger range) and also by Dragoons (because of negative multiplier vs all cav and because Dragoons are spread apart so Grenadiers AOE doesn’t mean much).

Grenadiers/Humbaraci spam is just a bad strategy and easy to defeat. They are fine only as a support units.


… no melee aoe, less ranged resist, more expensive…


in regards to the ranged resist, higher hp with less rr is better because they withstand more of all types of dmg.

the one at top post has 835 ranged hp, the same as a gren with 418 hp, but significantly better against melee and siege dmg.

melee aoe is pretty niche, you dont really want grens in melee most of the time - it is a new perk for grens, not sure how impactful it is most of the time

considering how the weakness of grens is supposed to be cav in melee the higher base hp probably helps

They lose to even pop musk at range. And regular grens do not. Theres you base hp. Also, normal grens have melee splash - wanna trade that for 2 damage?

Theyre stronger later, weaker earlier. Otto eco cant get

That is a tradeoff.

Humba have cards. Cards you dont see in supermacy. And were theory crafting againt itallian grens over brit, french and russian grens???

Just use the unit, fr.

@coffeeco01 pull up scenario editor. Drop 10 humba, 10 grens, 20 huss. All age 2 units. Send 10 huss vs each. See what happens and share.

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you know they dont need to be killing cav or win for them to be effective right? the hp could just be helping survive more cav hits so they can do their job against the other units or be able to get the last shot to take down buildings.

most of the decent games I have seen them deployed they are basically a squad that provides anti-building fire and support for jan abus and they basically just need to live a bit longer to take hits for the abus

Stop moving goal posts. NO ONE said anything about killing cav.

You said more hp means more survivabilty for humba. You left out the aoe of nornmal grens and how that might change a fight. Humbs might take 1 more hit, grens might kill 1 more huss. A pointless comparison but, sure, scrape the bottom of the barrel.

Whenever you wanna talk about the weakness vs musk, then. After that we can cover how 200 hp with 50% rr is better vs building fire than 225 with 30%.

most of the decent games I have seen them deployed they are basically a squad that provides anti-building fire and support for jan abus and they basically just need to live a bit longer to take hits for the abus

If thats your point of reference, then thats either treaty or you fumbled taking advantage of the glacial otto eco and let it go late. Then its you calling the nerf hammer over a skill issue.

then what is the point of this comment

you have said alot that otto eco is slow, I have a real hard time understanding your play level with that comment tbh - like otto eco is a lot of things, fragile sure, shipment dependent absolutely, slow eh…

edit : add this one on as well

I would say in 1v1 it is not too strong but in team game, especially paired with giant grenadier with a sweden teammate, is undefeatable. This combination counter cav, cannons, infantry, and beat skirm mass because of area damage, also delete enemy building in 1 sec. However the game is balanced for 1v1 though I don’t mind team game or late game is unbalanced.

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Im about 1.8k elo or so. If that helps anything.

Seen those vids before. Nothing crazy going on. Thats what you call OP now?

But forget all that.

then what is the point of this comment

HOW did you get ‘can kill cav’ from that? Like, what? Did you expect the huss to lose? One has hp one has splash, and according to you more hp is better vs cav. I all but drew a picture for you to go check and somehow went to thinking ‘oh sh*t, man wants grens to kill cav, surely Im not to compare which seige trooper loses harder - that might answer my own question!’. Bruh.

I guess you actually need it laid out, so - after the cav sweep up both groups of grens, check the total numbers remaining of the cav groups. The cav group with less numbers took more damage from the group they were attacking - therefore the group of grens they were attacking had better performance. That should tell whether or not your idea of the hp being meaningfull vs cav holds water, or not.

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Many of the changes that have been made in recent patches are aimed at enriching treaty and late game.