Nerf Indian Elephant Health

Playing as Brits vs. India my score will be higher the entire game and I still have to play like it’s the greatest match of my life.

Indian elephants and shirtless pajama whip guys have 5,000 health and melt your army. Their culverin elephants are fast as hell and have to be killed with dragoons?? good luck getting near them.

Insane that finally Brits are given love with new cards and they’re still worthless compared to other civs. Elephants have way too much health + the aura from wonder please nerf them

You need to use equivalent resources worth of musketeer or dragoons to take them out, 5 musk isn’t going to be enough even though they counter them. Elephants are very expensive and population heavy.
British certainly shouldn’t be struggling vs any elephants, you’ll often have triple carded musketeer by fortress, dragoons are also strong with potentially 3 cards for them. Build an arsenal and get socket bayonet for your musketeers and/or the dragoon tech.
Longbow especially with yeomen card also shred both howdahs and siege elephants(and sepoy too), all siege elephants are is a culverin/mortar hybrid so against your units they do little damage.

For the ‘pajama whip guys’ hussars do very well against them, and also falconets though you may wish to go for cavalry as the falconets are easily sniped by the siege elephants.

Also I’d say brits are high A or possibly even S tier currently, certainly not worthless compared to other civs.


in my opinion i think siege elephants are very good on 4vs4 matches, just 5 elephants of aproximately 1300 hp each and a manhasbar of around 2000 hp or more, with their speed and bonus versus ALL kind of artillery make them extremely good, indian player basically just use them to destroy important militar or economic buildings and the rest of army of the 3 players just need to protect them to assure victory.

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you can take down mahouts with heavy cav, ranged cav or strong heavy infantry. they cost 700 res each iirc. you can even snipe em in 1 shot age 4 with your explorer special ability. Mahouts are terrible units per population and cost, they are purely shock units intended to draw your attention and soak up damage. 7 pop for a unit is an awful lot given how low its stats are per pop


5000Health, you are so crazy lol

Siege elephants are countered litterally by every unit in the game xD. Also you have a unit with bonus against them while has the best range LONGBOWMAN. That counter sepoys too while “whip guys” dont have any bonus vs them.

Other option are hussars that counter both units, all you need is few units to kill sepoys.


do you mean the mansabdar Mahout? the 1300 resource unit? that was 14 population up until late last year? that still has 28 base damage? :joy:


I would gladly welcome a mahout assault on my units than say a batch of Mamelukes or Spahis. They just never really connect and are easily countered, and the Indian Army is much smaller and pop-heavy because of it. That god awful pathing makes this shipment usually very situational.

Siege Ele’s are fine as they are, costing 250w more than a culverin, and gets countered by literally every single unit.

PS, Also as Brits, you really shouldn’t be complaining. The civ is in a tier of its own.


really? i think you use lame with india

Why?? You can kill siege eles with heavy infantry, light infantry, shock infantry/ heavy cav, culverins… having that amount of HP is not that great when every single unit counters this unit.

Also, they have less range, having army in the middle will stop them cause they wont can attack you unlike mortars.

“Then get close again and hit, and again culverin miss shots, they are very tanky as nothing has bonnus versus them.”

They are artillery and light cavalry. So they are counterd by skirmishers (LB included) and culverins.
Like every artillery they are counterd by melee units too despite not having bonus cause they cant defend themself[quote=“matazombis4087, post:12, topic:199166, full:true”]
(post deleted by author)

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In all seriousness, the melee elephant should probably get - 1 pop space.


and countered by ranged cavalry as well (bonus vs artillery)

re: above post about laming india
the very mature approach to the reasonable discourse and explanations is “no u”

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yea !

This is the reason u need to make 5 ele if u want to attack with 3 eles, coz 2 will die due to bad pathing definately :slight_smile:

Indeed ! it just seems like a bad play.

Also adding to the facts, LONGBOWS are better equiped to kill a Mohout than any other light infantry when u take in consideration the pop cost of mohout, and the fire rate of LONGBOW once its locked on a unit!

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mamelukes have more hp and more armour for 4 pop and only 400c, while mahouts are 7 pop 650 resources, and only have a multi vs skirms, with literally only splash damage to compensate. Spahi are 3 pop, Cuirs are 3 pop. Both beat Mahouts in nearly every stat, especially if you account for 2.333 spahi or 2.333 cuirs for every mahout :flushed:


Well that’s their intended purpose I guess. They were made to take a lot of beatings and not to give them.

And I can’t tell if OP is just trolling…“shirtless pajama whip guys” lmao

cute, the aoe2 forums are vastly more toxic in complaining about balance. apparently picking your own civ is bad for balance over there. head back over there if you want to only complain about 3


Or swing by an Aoe4 forum post, you will see people endlessly complain about balance and fixes. And they are still waiting for basic features such as custom colors and taunts xD.


oh yeah, i forgot that lol

longbowman doesnt move at 6 speed like th em