Nerf Kremlin sight-range

It’s completely broken and doesn’t allow counterplay…
You can basically see half map and can not get raided.

That’s not a kremlin unique thing? All rus towers have said upgrade; also if kremlin LOS is broken then so is HRE relic towers Delhi HoL tower LOS buff and china Imperial Palace?

The thing is, the Kremlin’s sight range is filling 2 screens by default RIGHT AFTER building it, without any tech.
This building is way too insane…
It does not only make a 2nd tc almost unstoppable to be built, but also provides major defense and information against raids.
This synergizes way too well with the knight- timed push, which the RUS are famous for.
In the early weak moments, it offers sight range and protection and when you finally start making mass knights, you can send them all to the fight/enemy because your city is well protected and you can use the militia-panicbutton.

I think all the things you mentioned and then some are reason why Kremlin is a GREAT landmark!! I would agree however on a Rus nerf to BOUNTY; Either removed their starting 100g OR nerf all bounty generation by 30% AND add 30 bounty point generation per ticket use in the Golden gate (revitalized the Golden gate).

NEXT is a map generation issue; spread the 4 base resources apart; make sure they NEVER spawn side by side AND that they are beyond 8 tiles away from the TC (kinda how Prairie spawns but standard woodlines). A map like so described would force Kremlin like landmarks to PICK AND CHOOSE their awesome defense but then trade-off other starting resources being susceptible.

All what you describe is alright.
The sight-range is STRAIGHT OP though. Imo that’s out of discussion and widely agreed on.
Has to be nerfed or unlocked in age3/4 only.
Similar for Chinese BBQ, sight-range is also on the edge of being op.

Roman towers get huge sightrange with Relics but that’s age3, not age2 at ~5 min.

An only half-assed decently placed Kremlin completely denies EVERY kind of aggression while giving the RUS player the ability to not make any military units without being at ANY risk.

you’re mistaken?? Standard Tower LOS is 14 TILES; Kremlin comes in with Ru’s unique “Castle Watch: add 6 tiles to LOS” already researched which equates to the 20 tiles the kremlin comes with. And as I stated before if you think 20 tiles on kremlin is OP? How about Delhi 24 tiles? or HRE’s 24? Regardless Castle Watch is a Rus unique tech that you would want removed from kremlin as in NOT even research-able??