Nerf Malian Boom Cow

When will Malian cow boom be corrected?

The game is evolving, but it still has old problems. We all know how much Malian is broken with the Fula corral and cows. The income per minute is insane. You don’t need a 2tc as the cows are equivalent to more than 20 villagers. Not to mention that the resources are safe. Safe food, wood and gold. Food and Diamonds with high passive income.

With the release of the DLC, you will play, but you will find a Malian abuse in the rankings. Anyway, you need to nerf this. The game took a long time to move forward due to bugs and imbalances.

Now that the game may have a future, don’t make the same mistake again.

Just for information, my Elo is 2/3 conqueror, so I have a little experience in the game. Furthermore, other players of similar or better level have been complaining about the same thing for some time.

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