Nerf mongols and firelancers, what about horse archers?

I agree that China would perform better in 1v1 after Rus Mongol nerf.
But I don’t think it would rule the whole 1v1 game. Cuz Delhi would fix, French already have many bonus(Fast villagers starting in Dark age, less cost of techs, Half prices of storage builds)and early knights, age2 hulkships. they still well performed even get nerfed.
Even abbsied and HRM. Once they buff it or fix. Can’t really tell how the actual game performing is going to be like.

I mean don’t just focusing on TOP play was like SC2 only focus on one top player’s extreme operation and nerf everything based on him. I just don’t want game becoming like that.

much better if they nerf the early game of the Mongols, China lost many games to the Mongols in early games now.

Sure, but we don’t want any Civ to “rule” in 1v1 games like Mongols do now.

French is just too predictable, 95% of the time is gonna be knights/archers. so they need those bonuses to stay relevant. but China is versatile with the strongest late game, I think most pros would agree China beats French even now.

Sure, but once bombard get nerf it would be different story.

You know is predictable, but you don’t know how it gonna be. like they using knights towards to you villagers. You don’t know when or where they gonna come and produce much more pressures in early games.

if the mangudai can not against archers, the archers will not have inconvenoient against horse archers, besides that they are from the time of castles, by then you will have many archers.