Nerf Spanish on Nomad

Conqs are boring → please nerf Spanish on Nomad. At least remove their faster bulding speed for the first TC, like it was done with Sicilians. Thanks Devs.

Also let’s consider removing some of the stone piles on nomad to nerf FC → UU somewhat on Nomad.


there is already a worrying lack of diversity on Nomad, this would remove Spanish from the top civs reducing the diversity further

That’s one of the appeals of nomad for me, it’s a map where you actually can see a lot of UUs. Also, how are Conqs boring? Maybe it’s just me, but I find they are one of the most enjoyable unique units in the game to use, it’s just cool to micro. Different, but cool. I may also be biased after playing Filthydelphia’s Escape of Hernan Cortes, in which I really enjoyed using Conqs.


good thread. Nomad is a clown map played by clown players who like to Castle drop and random games. Stone piles are excessive, but I will add that gold is also VERY unevenly distributed very often, making it possible to wall your opponent in, or wall yourself in, and take 4/5 gold piles or something like that.

The map needs a rework, Stone needs to be FAR less but gold also should be same amount but distributed in approximately 2x as many piles.

I don’t think Spanish are a big issue on Nomad, it’s more how resources are distributed that leads to few castles being very strong, if resources were spread more evenly, there would be comeback potential.


Nomad is THE comeback map. there are resources everywhere, you can fish. you don’t start with a scout so information is often limited and you can build a secret base etc


in 1v1 there are 5 gold piles total, it’s not uncommon to have 4 on 1/2 of the map. There is no comeback potential when one player by the randomness of TC placement is able to secure 4/5 and the other is stuck with 1/5 for rest of game. Likewise for stone.

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i generated Nomad 10x in the editor. Tiny map contains 6 piles of gold, usually spaced out across the map. Twice out of 10x there was an empty area without gold piles (but had 1 or even 2 stone piles), but the other piles were still spread out of 3/4 of the map.

so no, you are just making stuff up


I am not sure the point came across based on this post but it’s OK, I can’t be bothered explaining and spoonfeeding the point every time. Anyone who played Nomad or watched high level Nomad understands the issues associated with it when the main bottleneck is the very little time you have to decide where to place the TC. Also, you should really learn to read.

you make a claim that there are 5 piles of gold which are unevenly distributed, i refute that claim with data, you attack me personally. nice talking to you


no problem, like I said the point went over your head and I’m not in a mood to explain why Nomad games can be decided by randomness of starting TC (which is a function of where your starting vills are).

Skill issue.



gotta git gud bois x20

I’m top 300. should be enough to have an idea about the problems with current nomad meta/map.

what about you?

Something could be said for removing Spanish build speed before their first Town Center is up, as well as not applying Malian building discount to their first Town Center, and for only giving Persians their bonus starting resources after having completed their first Town Center. This nerfs the top Nomad civs and brings them more in line with the rest, so it allows for more strategic diversity.


If you’re going to claim that, you should provide proof. I’m not saying I doubt you, but saying you’re top 300 without evidence doesn’t really prove anything for most people.

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Without mentioning being a top 300=/=nice for balance suggestions (we’ll know someone with such attitude that is banned ).

Back on topic, Is fun how people is more vocal to nerf Spanish in Nomad but when you say Turks/Bohemians/Poles need one for arena oh DAMN but are bad on arabia lol.

I’d issue that to arena being more of just a different map while nomad is a different game mode that forces some civs to outright have their bonuses removed until a certain time in the game since maps under the nomad game mode technically start at a different starting age prior to the standard dark age.

In terms of arena, it’s a separate argument of whether or not maps should start with stone walls at all or for certain civs at least. Particularly on ranked.

Please stop with this thing, it’s annoying and very few people actually agreed. Just because you can’t play nomad at the level you can some other maps doesn’t qualify it as another gamemode that needs another queue and separate elo.


I am not about to get into another argument about this, I’ve stated my opinion, don’t start.

Oh, that’s great, lets just leave it at that now, I’m happy not to start an argument over it. :smiley: