Nerf suggestions for Mayans

The 2 most common nerf proposal are El Dorado and Archer discount. But I think all Eagle civ’s strength is their eco and not necessarily military. In the end, both eco and military goes hand to hand and nerfing any of them should eventually work but I think nerfing Mayans eco would be the best. I’m proposing 4 here with the order of priority.

  1. Resource lasts longer bonus does not apply to Farms and Fishing Traps.
  2. Starting resource penalty increases 50 food → 75 food.
  3. Start with -25 wood as well as the -50 food.
  4. Both 2 & 3. Maybe this one will be an overkill. But hey, they were top 3 Arabia civ back in AOC and very likely top 5 ever since (at least for the pros). Why not make them a 47% - 48% win rate civ?
  5. Resource lasts longer bonus reduced 15% → 10%.
  6. Archer discount reduced 10%/20%/30% → 10%/15%/20% in Feudal/Castle/Imperial age.
  7. El Dorado effect reduced Eagle +40 HP → Eagle +30 HP.
  8. Mayans can’t research Thumb Ring anymore.
  1. Resource lasts longer bonus does not apply to Farms and Fishing Traps.
    I think that’s already the case.
  1. Starting resource penalty increases 50 food → 75 food. 1. Start with -25 wood as well as the -50 food.

Would make them suck. So no.

No to everything. What you ask would make the civ suck. Leave the Mayans alone. If you play as Goths, you kill them with ease in the late game. GG

Huskarl and champions kill everything the Mayans make. They have basically nothing to stop it.


+100000 mayas have evrything and IS most broken civ to meet in arabia ranked. with OP eagles like aztecs

must be hard nerfed is just a question of time

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They suck POST IMP. All they have is archers and mediocre infantry. No champions. No supplies.

Their eagles can be countered by champions with ease. And knight outclass them in stats. They don’t have siege engineers.

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no. cheap plumes kill champions and both outrun em. el dorado make ur eagless op


Then just nerf EL Dorado to perhaps 20 HP then. If they somehow broken. Or give every unit in the game bonus damage to eagles.

Make make resources last 10% longer. That might be a good nerf? Too strong? How about 5% longer? That would nerf them to hell.

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Goddd, El Dorado needs to be with that effect because one of the weakest points on eagles is the HP, which El Dorado covers
Also, with only +20HP then their eagles would just suck, hell even the Aztec and Inca Eagles would be better then.
On top of that Mayans are much powerful at Feudal and Castle and Early Imperial because of the extra villager/Cheaper archers

u must nerf them archers or at least their discount. plumes are op and reason for mayas be top3 civ or best

Further more, Mayans have hard counter civs. Goths wipe the floor with Mayans in the late game. Goths nearly unstoppable. If the Goths can hold off their raids, they destroy them.

Yes but at the same time you can defeat Goths in Feudal/Castle age where they are weaker.

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That does not always happen. Especially in team games. The Mayans would need another Goth ally, or someone like the Japanese to save them.

I think the best way to nerf them would be to just remove the extra vill and less starting food for them. Easy nerf that would reduce a lot of their early game prowess.

I also think El Dorado could receive a slight nerf, too.


I’m guessing you are fairly low elo, because that is where Goths can actually win. At the high elos, Goths have a terrible winrate, because games don’t usually reach post-Imp. Because of this, Goths aren’t really used at the higher levels, so your scenario of Goths > Mayans doesn’t really work. Mayans are so OP because in most games, their earlier power stops the game even reaching post-Imp. Goths are not a good civ in general. Mayans do need nerfs.

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I second this. They certainly feel overpowered on open maps and there’s not much stopping them.

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It doesnt have to be +20 but yes the effect has to be nerfed to +30. El Dorado Eagles are even cost effective against Paladins as they are rn


I don’t play ranked quite often. (I am not new to the game) I mostly play Europe Diplomacy maps/michi. Or maps where resources last forever. On such maps, Mayans suck. I just play Persians, and roll over them with 500 War Elephants. I don’t care about competitive play for the most part.

I only care what units have at the end game in Post IMP Wars. Mayans have very poor technology I find. Perhaps, just nerf the resources lasting bonus to just 5%. Then they be far weaker. Without having to cut down their technology even further.

Having plus 1 villagers at the start of the game, along with cheaper archers, and resources lasting 5% longer should make them far weaker. If too insane, maybe 10% longer then?

People don’t use Mayans on those kind of maps. Mayans are an actual tournament grade civ, good for a lot of maps, but not the kind you mentioned. Nerfing some of the tech or Plumed Archers is the best way to do it I think.


true Mayans VS goths your are dead… No HC to counter their infantry

more civs like poles get no hc to. its not mean u cnnt win before vs goths

Yeah so you can win by rushing before castle age and play aggressive. But still on close map Mayans vs Goths you are lost.