Nerf suggestions for Mayans

same goes for poles tbh

The Poles’ Obuch can nullify the armor of the infantry. The once-mighty Huskarl pierce armor can be stripped, allowing archers to finish them off with ease. Furthermore, the Poles could do a scout rush to weaken the Goth player early, preventing them from reaching their full potential.

I’m not exactly sure how it would play out 1v1. But I feel in team games, Poles might be fairly decent in stopping the Goth flood. Since the Poles can weaken their armor, allowing your teamates archers to kill the Goth’s Huskarls much better.

As for Mayans. The Obuch as far as I know is very weak to archers. So, it may be a good match up.

I actually like the start with -50 gold for Mayans idea someone posted on reddit

So after researching loom, they will have no gold to DRUSH or M@RUSH. In that case they have to wall up and go straight for Arches. Seems little bit weird but it may work as they won’t be able to rush in Dark Age.

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Mayans are ok. They are weak in closed maps, weak in half of the hybrit maps,weak in water maps. Mayans even relatively weak in feudal agression maps; because, they dont have scouts and eagle produce very slow. They are good only in open maps.

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which is like 80% of matches

doesnt change anything, if anything makes them stronger as gold is harvested faster

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Not in all closed maps. They are top 3 in Fortress.

Ressources last only 10% longer is easiest nerf, will nerf their insane early game economy a bit.

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That can work as well. Someone suggested resource lasting longer doesn’t apply to hunts. That will nerf their early game even more.

But would be super inelegant

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I don’t think mayans need direct nerf. Their economy bonuses are not exactly better than vikings’, aztecs’ or franks’ one.
Better nerf eagle warriors through increasing their food cost. This should be enough to reduce mayans power in castle age.

Yeah because we see mayans going eagles so often in castle age. Nope.

If eagles are so dang strong to you that nerfinv those alone will make mayans not a top civ please explain why incas are a bottom 5 civ.


Oh a civ has 58% winrate and has answers to everything and has been dominating 1v1 meta for the past 20 years and destroys 37 out of the other 38 civs in the game?

Just play the one civ that supposedly can counter it and get to imp without being dead 5 times because they have a better eco and units its easy man, you kill them easy.


why do they need to be nerfed? ive never had an issue with them. they literally have no calvary. maybe nerfing their siege would help, but i see no issue with them.

Go check the pro scene and see what the issue with mayans is. The civ is thr best in the game. Bar none.


their eco bonus will become useless then

How is 10% longer resources useless? And they have 2 otger eco bonuses on top of it

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a messily llama? and one extra vill? the vill makes no difference. same as chinese vills. but yeah im contradicting myself though because chinese are S tier, but ya know, that’s how things are. Mayans already got nerf AND aztecs AND incas. sheesh. what more do you people want?

The guy you were responding to was talking about mayans. Not incas.

A measly villager is a huge bonus. Clearly you don’t understand much if you think one villager is a minor bonus.

The difference is that mayans Chinese and aztecs despite minor nerfs are still head and shoulders better then most civs in the game.

A concept called balance exists.


Have you ever played Arabia?! Eagles are very often choice for mayans in castle age.

I’m not sure why you’re talking with yourself. At the very least you’re talking not with me.
I never suggested to remove them from top tier civs. That’s why i’m suggesting very moderate nerf.

Also: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”
Bottom 5 civs? Care to show this “statistics”?
Official statistics shows 53.74% win rate for incas. Definitely not “bottom 5”.

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