Nerf the Incas? Nha, better buff all natives civilizations

Good morning guys, today I come with the next discussion, these last few weeks I have been seeing several topics that talk about the same thing, about the performance of native civilizations in the game during lategames, those moments when the game lengthens longer than thought, namely, I talk about the Lakotas, Aztecs and Haudenosaunee. I particularly love to play with native civilizations and I am main Inca, so today I would like to open the next discussion of how to improve the late play of these civis without greatly affecting the balance, and I think I have the answer!

First of all, I clarify, in this topic you will surely find some proposals that you find crazy, but I would like to try to discuss them and barage options and another very important thing, it is not the idea to discuss more nerf or balances for the Incas, here I want to discuss improving the lategame of the natives in general.

To begin with, we will talk about European options to have a reference, these civilizations have special buildings, factories, but native civilizations apart from inca do not possess it.

How did the devs solve this problem with respect to the Incas? Well, they replaced the factories with other buildings. I wonder, is it okay that only the Incas can do this? No sir, for me, other civilizations are entitled to this.

Namely, the Incas apart from the Kancha Houses, which, enhanced with Cervecería Chicha, can each produce 0.90/s food, with a limit of 13 houses, provides us with 11.7/s of food. In industrial, the community square has “The Moon Ceremony” which provides the following drips.

25 villagers: 4.50/s of wood

20 llamas: 1.63/s wood

15 villagers + 10 nuns: 5.35/s of wood

10 nuns: 2.98/s wood

To this, you have to add the fact, that the estate has a special button called “Coca Cultivation”, which provides an infinite drip of 0.80/s of gold, with a maximum of construction of 20 estates , provides us with 16.0/s of gold, at the cost for its position of 12000 wood for the 20 estate. Simply put, the Incas have the option to own “several factories” if you wish, I leave the calculations to you guys.

Then why am I telling you all this? Well, I repeat, I’m not looking for them to keep nerfing the Incas, but it would be great if these ideas were implemented to the other natives.

I’ve looked at the unique technologies of native buildings, and some improvements, well, I think they should be redesigned.

My proposals are as follows.


I have noticed that the Aztecs do not literally possess any special economic technology, practically all their improvements are intended to provide a number of military units every minute, up to a maximum of 30 min. From my point of view, balancing Aztec lategame is complicated, I can think of totally changing the function of one of these technologies, I think the most likely candidate should be “Coatlicue Workship” available at house.


Providing each house with a drip of gold, food or wood passively (similar to how Kancha houses and Japanese shrines work), by its position, this should be available in the industrial age, it would be an excellent way to give more vitality to the Aztec eco (I know that many of you dislike the idea of self-produced buildings , but being available in Industrial is the best way to replace factories and give the impetus needed to keep up with a European civilization).

My other proposal is to buff the “Founder” technology available on the market.


For me, ideally two options, the first is to multiply the XP bountry for all military units, without the need for the WC to be nearby, and the other option, is that this letter is available in Industrial, and apart from multiplying the bountry XP of military units, it also multiplies those of economic units and provides you with a higher multiplier (for example : x4) to the WC and nearby units. The price for your position will be adjusted and finally, to the benefit of the EXP drip, you will be provided with more cards of wooden and food crates that can be sent infinitely. The Incas have 1200 of wood, why not provide it to the Aztecs too?

Finally, a last alternative is to provide a drip of gold or wood in the community square, as the Incas possess, from some dance. The following proposal is a little crazy and questionable, but it would be great to allow the Warriors Priest who are in the community square, not count as a population in use and at the same time increase the amount of Priest that may be at the stake, this mechanic would be very similar to the Inca mechanics of reducing the population in use by placing units within the Kallanka and would allow Aztec villagers to be working on instead of being at the stake.


In this case, the haud have more balanced technologies between military and economic, but I would like to emphasize 3 available technologies, which are Maple Festival, Strawberry Festival and Woodlands Dwellers, these cards provide us with crates of 500 gold, food or wood respectively every 10 minutes of play, up to a total of 1500.

iro3 iro2 iro1

From my humble point of view, it’s not very useful in a lategame at 30 min of gameplay to pay 500 resources for 1500 of another resource, so my proposal is back the same, redesign these technologies to provide a drip of resources for each building, the benefits will be much better and the lategame haud will thank you!

Perhaps it would be crazy to provide each of these technologies with a 0.8/s drip of their respective resource for each building, as for example it is done with the Incas, it would end up occupying virtually the entire map and spending irrational amounts of wood on building all these buildings to have a decent drip, therefore I think that the best thing would be to provide a modest drip to the Longhouse and that each of these technologies allow to unlock the Longhouse’s ability to produce resources, similar to a sanctuary and of course, that these technologies are available in the Industrial age and their cost is adjusted.


The Lakotas, like the Aztecs, have many military improvements, which, for me, is perfect, so what should be done?

For me, the answer is in the tipis, not if you noticed, but in the early versions of DE the description of the tipis was wrong and it was claimed that these provided an aura that improved the production of nearby villagers, this is extremely controversial and I would not like to get in, but it is very tempting. My proposal is simple, that the tipis possess this skill again from a special technology, but that it is available in the industrial age and only improves efficiency in buildings and in the community square nearby. And here my crazy proposal, if this technology develops, that the aura that improves hp from nearby military units, be suppressed. In this way the Sioux will be able to develop a good base with a good ECO without falling behind in a lategame. Then some special dance in the community square, the truth I don’t know if it’s viable.

Well, I hope you could have taken the trouble to read all this, and that everyone can make their contributions, remember, I’m not a high-level player, but any opinion I think should be respected, thank you very much and have a good day.

My idea:
Industrial or even Imperial Technology that let’s villagers at the Community Plaza produce 0.5 Wood/second independent of Ceremony. Only villagers not Llamas or Priests.
This would give them the Late Game Wood of 2 factories but only when they use 25 villagers for it and have 1/4 less on Food and Coin on top of having worse Food and Coin already.
They also need more Wood because they have more units that cost Wood.
This would definitely not be OP.