Nerf to SPAIN during maintenance not mentioned

That’s how it was when the patch was released:

Change after maintenance:

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It’s the same thing they reworded it, the original way says the the benefit is decreased from 20 to 10, the base rate is 40 keep this in mind, the new one says that the shipment time is note 30 compared to a normal civs 40, so it’s the same thing

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It was actually revised yesterday to state the correct change more clearly.


I thought the same, but in the patches when the numbers or words are marked in green it must be understood that it is buff, then under that logic it is understood that the delay time of the shipment in first age was reduced.

Okay, but it still doesn’t seem to be very clear, because before only the first-age resource drawer shipments arrived faster, now they are all first-age shipments, In addition to that in the description of the logistician in the game it still says that it is only the shipments of resources those that arrive before or at least that is what the description says in Spanish