Nerfear China

Cuando van a nerfear los lanceros incendiarios, cuando van nerfear la torre del reloj y su super asedio, cuando van a nerfear la producción x3 de sus cuarteles, cuando van a nerfear tener 8 distintivos, que es muy injusto jugar contra ellos

hummmmmmmm…r u serious, bro?

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Voy a responderte en español , ya que es mi idioma nativo pero debo decirte que aqui se habla ingles y para que los desarrolladores te escuchen debes hablar ingles , para empezar ya nerfearon los lanceros incendiarios por eso china ya casi no se usa en MP , solo en juegos por equipos , Su asedio no es cosa de su civilizacion , es un problema de todo el juego y hemos estado debatiendo esto durante meses .

Los 8 edificios distintivos es un buena manera de hacer que china sea asimetrica y que encima tenga que pagar grandes cantidades de recursos para poder desbloquear ciertas ventajas. Ademas destruir china es bastante facil , simplemente spamea caballeros y mangoneles mientras asedias sus murallas subiendote a ellas con arqueros .


There’s actually a translate button (the little globe) that translates from your native language, I speak English and I was able to read this post.

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They already did a nerf to fire lancers, they’re working in siege and taking input, clockwork is still being debated on, double production from mongols isn’t going anywhere.

Amigo mío, ya no hay problema con los lanceros incendiarios. De hecho, existen pocos problemas del tipo que usted piensa. Sólo hay que nerfear el asedio.

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If you think it is unfair to play against China in 1v1 MP, then it s a glaring L2P issue. China is one of the weakest 1v1 civ out there, especially now when there are so many feudal pushes with longbow, knights maa + rams sth china have no real responce now. Go learn to play stop embarassing yourself in public because somone whiped the floor with you in MP.


Apart from their bombards the civ is fine.

Agree but take bombards and whats left ? Thats why nerfing siege shoul be same time buffing china.

I think that solves it nicely.

This topic can be very complicated if you use this civ on different maps and at different times. Like we might need to buff the survival ability of Chinese on open maps if you suggest to nerf Chinese’s seige.

May this game not as difficult as English :joy:

No buff China already too OP

IO give them tons of resources. Get gold just sitting at home.
Unique landmark, Dynasty boost. Invincible bombard. 15% speed. FL , Zhu ge nu rush.
X3 produce, 50%hp on sige, Seriously , China needs a seriously nerf.

PS( I am joking, China now wiping floor with abbsied now)

Indeed, but it was happened after age3,right?
This civ is lack of heavy armor units before age3 which make it hardly to control enough space to expand. Those OP characteristics was what Chinese rely on to counterattack after age3.(by the way Zhu ge nu rush has already been nerf after the buff on horseman)
So we might need to modify this maladjusted civ like buff its survival ability in early age while nerf its OP siege in late age, like change the Song buff from the villager production accelerated to cost reduction just like abbasids, or we could deal the clocktower’s buff in same way, that is what I mean to say.