Nerfed Ethiopians Unplayable

I hate to complain Devs but you nerfed Ethiopians into the ground,

They are unplayable. Ive been using them since they came out, my elo was 1200ish now it’s 1070. Just because that one Chinese found an exploit doesn’t mean you should be nerfing civs to the point they are unplayable.

  • Why does Lakota have free housing but not Africans?
  • Why don’t Ethiopians have cows spawn with every supply drop like Hausa?
  • Why does the South American, Russian, and Native American civs have barracks that fire but not Africans?
  • Why no villager cards after age 1? Eco for Africans is staggeringly bad

I’ve stopped playing this civ and doubt any legit players will play them.

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while i agree with the intent of the original post, this is kind of a ridiculous question. Thats literally like 80% of lakotas civ bonus.

Also africa gets the towers which train some really good outlaws and their rax trains cav and infantry in one building so I actually think they get some pretty solid military buildings.

African civs, especially Ethiopia, are mostly screwed by the fact they have to go all-in rush (or ff) because their eco is pretty poor and relies on res spikes from livestock. Once the cows are gone and turned into units, if that timing fails they have almost no followup, at all. No recourse, you just resign. I would personally like to see some sort of economic options given besides their relatively strong versions of silversmith and furrier (natural res and fields buffed together). Im not sure exactly what it needs to look like, but some vill shipments might be the way. Currently you kinda like, train your abun and keep the tc training vills and that’s essentially it unless you stagecoach a tp line or have water available.


You might as well as ask why Ethiopia dosen’t have banks but Dutch does and why dosen’t Ethiopia have setters spone from huts like British. Or how Ethiopia dosen’t have wonders like Asian civs

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But why isn’t it the civ I like not have every feature that is unique to other civs! Please explain :smile:

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