Nerfing and rebalancing Units

I don’t know when you played the original AoE1but from time to time I play a match or even a few of my favorit campaigns. Most of the campaigns seem fine for me, there are of course a few really hard nuts to crack in there but after 20 years every passioned player should have completed them.
But if you play a normal match or even MP I think that there are a few Units that seem OP. Espacially the Heavy Cavalry Archer with full Upgrades! These Guys massed up to 15-20 Guys are neary unstoppable.
Of course the original pathing and “formation control” made it really hard to micro them but they could deal with nearly every thread in the game. The kill Towers and the shred through Groups of Units.
The only real counter I came across is AI Controlled mass Siege!
If we now get a new formation System, Controllgroups and better Pathfinding, I fear that they get even stronger and that the game will become into spamming Heavy Cavalry Archer.

there is balance adjustments. ( FE’s AOE:DE page )

Sounds good for the moment! I will test this! Many Many Many times :smiley:
I fear that the MP will fall or rise with the balancing!