Nest of bees

I think nest of bees isnt competitive anymore, example vs mangonel, less damage but more hits, but after enemy has better armor units nest of bees becomes kinda unusable, maybe add more damage but make less accurate?

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I think nest of bees is extremely useful even in late. You can use it against archers and crossbowmen, and it’s quite deadly. Especially against english, longbowmen is annoying, but with a pack of nest of bees it’s easy to counter.

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but i feel like mangonel does the job better + it does more dmg on armored units

Nest of bees is excessively weakened, which seems to be what most people expect. In the test, the Chinese are too strong, many people object, and it is right for the Chinese to become weak. Therefore, there are basically no complaints that the Chinese or Delhi Sudan are too weak. The English longbowman, which also imba in the test, did not seem to be weakened, but few people complained that the English were too strong in the early stage and the English were still strong.


Mb I play at too low lvl compared to other players, but I think nest of bees is still very strong, and I prefer to use it if I play with China. Overall China is a very strong civ, i don’t understand why people say it’s weak. Tax collector 200% production buff is good. Dynasty system is a little bit hard because it’s quite expensive to utilize it, but almost all of the landmarks are useful.

While the English Longbowman are very strong they don’t have the ability to outright end a game. While yes they’re annoying to play against they can’t inflict game ending damage in a couple of seconds.

3 well placed nest of bees in the beta used to wipe out 90-100 pop worth of units in seconds.

As a player mainly playing in the Chinese camp, I am very happy to see that Nest of bees has been weakened. In any case, Nest of bees in the beta is unacceptable. I hate the setting where the enemy cannot defeat the enemy anyway after producing a certain number of units. .

On the other hand, the current version of Nest of bees is a bit weak in my opinion, the number of arrows has been reduced, and the overall attack power has been significantly reduced. I’m pretty sure that after completing all relevant upgrades, the Nest of bees will become more powerful than the original trebuchet, but when the Nest of bees first came out, I didn’t see any obvious advantages of this unit over the trebuchet. And this happens to be the weakest and most respite moment in China.


Siege damage is not reduced by melee or ranged armor

I think the nest of Bees has been over nerfed and its way more cost effective to get a mangonel. The damage is the problem, either not enough rockets come out or the damage per rocket isn’t enough to be a counter blob unit. Its already an expensive unit thats slow, has a minimum range now, and has a slow ROF. Think it needs to be the glass cannon.


mb then its maybe higher health? units?

China need more buff.