Network error AOE2DE

Hello everyone and straight to the point!
With a friend we create a lobby. Play 2 minutes and the battle ends. All. Just everything. The battle just closes. I won.
Go to the lobby of other players is almost impossible, but there the situation is not better: when the battle begins, it also ends in 1-2 minutes.
region of Russia. Saint-Petersburg.
Am asking forgiveness, if asked question not there where is asked this question

Same thing with me. I just start to play with my friend and the battle ends. Region of Russia, Cherepovets.
AoE really needs a patch to fix a network game. Hope the developers will see this post.

Пиши логин стима, будем вместе играть

Alonzo48. Вот как-то так.

DxDiag.txt (78.1 KB)

My friendDxDiag.txt (85.3 KB)

specs.txt (73.9 KB)

Тут пару патчей вышло. У тебя получилось поиграть по сети с кем-нибудь? Ибо у нас до сих пор вылетает при попытке запустить лобби в игре.


You and your friend are running incompatible Windows version 1809 (17763). Please upgrade to at least 1903 build, current build is 1909.

The best thing is to use the media creation tool to in-place upgrade your current version. Make sure you have at least around 40 GB of free space. After upgrade use disk cleanup tool to remove old windows.

If I understand correctly, Assembly 1909 is new.
How can I install an old build if I have a new one installed?

The easiest way is using a tool like Rufus. But you can also in-place upgrade to 1909 directly. Success.