Network of castles is not consistent and/or buggy

version : 5.0.7989.0

Hello guys,

There’s a bug or a minsunderstood on the bonus attack speed provided by Network of castles :

  1. The bonus attack speed is not a %, on the description it says : attack speed bonus 50

  2. The attack speed bonus is not the same at all on differents units EVEN when they got the same attack speed :

  • Crossbowman and Handcannoneer = 2.0 attack speed but with Network of castles they’ll not gain the same bonus attack speed.
  • Man at arms are on 1.25 attack speed, with the bonus they’re STILL on 1.25 attack speed
  • The bonus is not the same on all targets, Trebuchet = from 12.5 to 11 when Ribauldequin = 6.25 to 5~
  1. Longbowman using Arrow Volley goes from 1.5 attack speed to 0.5 attack speed. When they use it with the Network of castles it goes to 0.58 attack speed ! Adding more time when it supposed to buff them.

To reproduce :
Use English against a friend and tell him to enter in Network of castles’s area to trigger the attack speed bonus (yellow aura), then compare the attack speed.

Problem :
We don’t really understand what the bonus is and it seems pretty inaccurate / even buggy with the longbowman.


Thank you @Akagaro! I appreciate the specific examples. We’ll check into it.