Neutral markets in Lipany

TLDR: neutral markets in lipany are in a very bad position and traders make extremely low amount of gold.

There is one thing I don’t understand. In some maps, markets are in corner of map, so you can have longest trade route - most effective. But in some maps, they are in middle of map (on the side) - that probably tells us that in such map trading is just more unsafe and you should focus on other playstyle. But there is Lipany and I’m not sure if always, but definitely sometimes the market is right at your base where you start. It is middle of the map and it will make almost no gold if you trade from corner of the map (now player a game and traders were making 31 gold per turn, which is a joke, it gives no value. Are you meant to not use trading at all in this map? I mean ok, you can focus on securing gold nodes, BUT, that gives a penalty to some civilisations, so that map is way too in favor of other civ. Like abbasid and mongol can forget about trading on lipany, while, say, english, who make gold right in their base and don’t have to be unsafe, are very happy about it. Yes I checked current win rates and abbasid have currently biggest win rate in lipany, But I am talking just about trading, for which abba have age-up bonuses which they can’t utilise and that’s the penalty I’m talking about. I mean, why can’t those neutral markets be in corner of map. Or somewhere else. The only effective way to earn gold in lipany by trading is to build markets near your opponent’s base (lol).

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If you are speaking for 1vs1, yep trading is useless in so tiny map.
But in gigantic map for me is fine the markets position

It is not useless in 1v1. Traders make about at least 50% more gold than villagers, even in such a small map. But when neutral trading post is in the middle of the map, traders make half the gold what villagers make.

I do wonder if they need to do something in general to make trading more viable in 1v1 games.

The problem is it is already very, very good in niche situations and it would be difficult to not make it way too good in those situations and in team games.