Nevada USA challenge

i’m doing the USA challenge and i need help with Nevada.
i have to build 3 saloons but how can i do that ? Saloons supposed to be build with the USA civ aren’t they ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

You can build 3 tarvern, and it will work

Ok okay ! Thank you ! :slight_smile:

In this same challenge, I am limited to one maximum saloon / tavern construction.
How to unlock the construction at 3 ?

Just build and destroy!


Ok, Quite simply.

Hi, Sir Guy

Have tried countless times, building/destroying at least three saloons/taverns. But it refuses to accept. Has anybody got past Nevada? Most frustrating!

Do you quit the game, or press surrender

Thanks for replying, was feeling kinda lonely.

I quit the game once I’ve won, same as with all the earlier levels. Surrender isn’t an option if I win surely…?

You can just build, destroy, build, destroy, build
and then hit the surrender button. There is no need to kill the enemy and win the game.

Ah, brilliant. Thanks for that. Who would have guessed?

Thanks. Absurdly, it worked!

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Good, then enjoy the rest :smiley: