Never ending loading screen

Stuck on the loading screen!
After I open the game, few logos pass by, then a loading screen with a moving circle at the bottom left screen keeps rotating, behind it is a golden map-like image that shines.

That’s all that happens, the game never loads. I tried to wait for more than 20 mins several times.

*reinstalling the game from scratch,
*allowing the game from firewall,
*disabled/enabled HDR pack,
*restarted the PC of course,
*updated windows and graphics driver
*allowed the game from Controlled Folder Access
*verified game files via steam several times
*verified no game files are blocked by windows defender

My PC is completely top-notch with 3080ti, 12 core CPU, and SSD drive.

Also, I was able to play this game just fine for the first time, I played the first 3 missions from the Normandy campaign. And after that, this endless reloading problem started.

Please help, it’s been more than 10 hours trying to solve this but to no avail. How can I start this game now?

Same thing happened to me, do we just wait for an update ?

I don’t know bro. But it’s so damn frustrating. Have spent more than 2 hours in total staring at that loading screen. And tried a lot of stuff too. Hopefully, they will take it seriously.