Never see these two civs online

How come the Japanese and the Chinese are hardly used online? Seems like every game I play the last month and a half I never see any of them. Are they that weak or underpowered?

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It’s not the chinese who are underpowered - it’s the french who are overpowered. I guess one can beat the common strategies with the chinese, but others civs are better. I don’t like then, the early units are paper. Shaolin op, tho.
Japanese have a weird balance (i bet that the dude who designed the civ is a weaboo, looking at units stats) but i guess other civs have better bugs, and thus are more competitive. Also, early food economy may demand a lot of cards or wood, depending on the map.
Also, keep in mind that you can play with european civs both with or without dlc, while asians are locked to the dlc. Having a european main would allow you to chose between double the number of players, thus more games.

Eeeeeeh, how do i say that… wrong game, @Roodvlees.

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I was just curious because I want to give them a try but I don’t think I would last at all.

These civs are not underpowered,some call it lame ,some call it OP,some call china as fake civ because their deathball is insane and japs with x2 shipments i guess the civs played online depends on the player rank its usually good to start with vanilla civs (the european ones) as they are basic and very easy to learn ,japanese is a bit hard and same for chinese if your new to the game i guess that why.

I haven’t played the Chinese in the multiplayer yet, I’ve only played them in the campaign, although they were strong but I didn’t like them very much because of the way the troops come out, maybe if I get more in depth in their troops and strategies I’ll come around to liking them.
However, I have been only playing Japanese recently and they’re pretty strong, I like how their economy works and that you can get the res from the shrines, I also like the x2 shipments which comes in handy a lot of the times, I also like the Samurai a lot, they are probably my favorite unit in the game because I’ve always been interested in the samurai culture :smile:, and they can also decimate a lot of units easily.
From the games I’ve played I’ve noticed that the Samurai’s major weakness is the cannons in the game, but with proper micromanagement you can still destroy them.
They are the only unit I have used so far that can stand in the face of the French cav the Cuirassier , I was able to fight a fully upgraded Cuirassiers using only my Samurais and Hatamotos with some upgrades for my troops of course, while building a lot of shrines and not many villagers left.
It did take me some time to get used to the civ though, choosing which cards to use since there a lot of good ones and to find which unit is better for what situation but all in all they are pretty fun to play and versatile imho.

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