New Age Up UI Thoughts?

I am a professional video editor.

I didn’t say that the art is bad, i said it is made with the help of AI, which the official accounts are denying. According to steam new rules regarding this, any assets made with the help of AI tools, that are used in any games that are published in their store must clarify with a written notice about it. We will have the confirmation when the game officially gets published, as they must put the notice to not be booted from steam.

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They didn’t capture the menacing feline from original Bast artwork, the new artwork looks like something that comes out from AI generated image with prompt Egyptians cat goddess

To be honest, I feel like original Bast was the most out of place compared to the other god portraits as it felt more like a cartoon figure

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Osiris has clearly 6 fingers here.

Now, @GorbMort, i don’t really know if Worlds Edge has been scammed by some ‘art studio’ that told them they were all hand drawn art, as the work is all being outsourced, or the microsoft Social manager is just lying, most probable scenario given Bast image still hasn’t been fixed and their past promises were never fulfilled for other series, but 6 fingers mistake isn’t done by any beginner or professional artist.


Well if it was AI generated, there would likely be more issues (incorrect generation of flail, multiple fingers, etc). But if it is, I hope it’s only temporary. IMO, ai generated art should only be used for entertainment purposes (like seeing if the ai can properly generate Gru) or learning how to draw (in other words, drawing out the art, but with improvements).

Well at this point, not even a beginner would do such a terrible mistake… this one is really bad.

Cool. Why’d you tag me?

Still not convinced that it’s AI when I look at this analysis:


This is the nail in the coffin for all the AI deniers on this forum. They outright lied that they didn’t use AI.

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Yes i have to admit after playing the beta and looking at all the god portraits… i’m not an expert but to me they look mostly ai generated as well. It’s not that they generally look bad but… the art style between some of them is way to different. Even the art style inside of one portrait seems to vary alot. Look how the arms and armor of Ares is drawn and then look at his face for example. Then i saw the six finger osiris… and some of the faces look near to ‘‘real people’’ and others are almost comic figures (Atlas for example). Also many of the poses seem so typical ai picture like… it’s hard to describe… overall they look somehow off to me… not totally bad or something but… strange. I was really one of the guys who said ‘‘to me they look cool’’ after seeing the first art works… but now i understand the ‘‘trouble’’ about the ai art discussion way better.

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We got another one boys.


6 fingers and an arrow far away from his hand

That analysis is shoddy. There are so many other things about the art that are only possible with AI, which means that there’s a 99.9% chance they’re all AI. Perhaps there was some human modification, but the bases were all AI.

So that means that the dev team either lied about it, or the supposed “artists” did. Either way, if it’s ever positively confirmed, it won’t be good for them.

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What’s the problem with this one?

six fingers plus the arrow placement.

How do the devs not know? Clearly they must know, because these mistakes are obvious enough to anyone who understands how AI art works. The only explanation for their obfuscation of reality is that they’re intentionally trying to mislead people to cut costs. Well, it’s not going to work.

I see 5 fingers on each hand…

you can count 5 tendons and knuckles on the hand drawing back the arrow, plus the thumb for 6 total

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Comes down to money. That’s it.

there definitely is a problem in consistency in the art. some really are massive improvements to the old one, some look weird, unfitting or a bit silly. - also in style like there were more ppl involved in drawing - which is okay for each civ to make them more distinct from each other but not for each god inside a civ.

but i honestly like the age up screen after playing. the game itself felt a bit too small for me even after zooming in idk why i guess i need to zoom in even more and make the UI bigger for me personally.

what really bothered me is that STILL some gods have just 3 upgrades, others 5 and not every one at least one upgrade for a myth unit.
the new additons to hydra (reg) and troll (bolder) are AMAZING. the armor on chimera upgrade is pretty cool but every myth unit needs some of these things as an upgrade. missed this in the age up screen so it fits the topic.

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