New ai v 4

Age of Empires - Mods - Aggressive Ai Mod V4

NewAoeIIIAi/Aoe3-De-Project: want to help the devs improve the de ai, here is a quick mod that improves several aspects. (

massive bugfixes, optimizations and performance improvements built upon the latest release of AI.

removal of custom attack code in favor of default, changes to defend code

fine tuning handcrafted unit selection and reactions

map control

better resource allocation and utilization

completely revamped factory code and several other building tactics

better age up timings and choices, better revolt consideration and general card usage revamp

better dance utilization

better mortar utilization

campaign ai handicap penalties removed, deck usage allowed. some missions are now incredibly difficult without cheats.
.5 handicap easy, 1.0 handicap normal, 1.5 handicap hard campaign options.

successful max age ai are now surveyed for their wealth every minute. if above a certain amount a third of it is redistributed to less fortunate teammates, bringing everyone up and moving them closer towards the teams score average.

ai will also attempt to tribute remaining resources before surrendering.

feel free to use anything you find here for your own projects or mods, or post ideas and contribute in any way.

no credit needed, wanted or expected.

removed wall support, ai glitches out with pathing.


edit: nevermind this is aoe3, thought it was aoe2