New "Alehouse" model spotted in preview vids


New building model for the Europeans (Sweden in this case) spotted in Drongo’s treaty video.

Looks a lot better than the Saloon model amidst the European buildings imo.

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It is just a reskin building, and apparently it loses teh Wild West upgrade.

I hope it has a higher build limit, and another Outlaw upgrade, so the Wokou Ronin strat stays in the Korea map.

Looks great. Maybe every euro civ get’s a special skin

It is probably tied to architecture, and more likely that Ports, Spanish and Ottos get a Tea/Coffe House skin.

An update i actually like!

Let us just hope it is not just a Saloon reskin, but without the Wild West upgrade, athat is actually helpful for Wokou Ronin and Blind Monk strats, with Dance Hall.

maybe each civ gets a unique saloon replacement? coffee/tea houses? pubs for the English? if so love the attention to detail it brings to the game. was always strange that the ottomans had saloons.

I approve. Always thought the saloon stuck out among early-modern colonial architecture.