New Alt+F4 bug need to be fixed

I play 4-player games alone or with 1-2 friends. When the 4th person, who is my teammate but I do not know, loses connection or leaves the game, we are also penalized with alt+f4. Like this, my waiting time is now 1 hour. This bug should be fixed, why am I being penalized when a player leaves the game who I even don’t know?


Why do you alt+f4? Why not resign instead?

Or are you including resigning in the “alt+f4”?

Same thing happened to me, I resigned.

if you play with 2 friends, why don’t you play 3v3 ? that way, no problem with the 4th player you don’t know.

I’m not doing alt+f4. When a player in our team alt+f4 or resign in the first minutes, we are getting the same penalty for resigning. In a game , a player couldn’t connect to the game in our team, we just left after 5 minutes because there was no meaning in playing 3vs4 and we still get the time penalty…

3vs3 is not so balanced, 4vs4 is better anyways , in 3vs3 every time one player stays alone.

Hi guys!

Thank you for this. We are now tracking this issue! :smiley:

Sorry, but what exactly are you tracking now? “Player resigning before 5 min mark gets ban.”?
I cannot see any bug here. Isn’t that exact behaviour intended?

Today read on reddit that resigning or Alt+F4 or even disconnect is being registered as toxic bahaviour, and therefore you recive ban. If I trust these people a way around that would be deleting all units (-> therefore getting defeated and not having resigned. that should be considered a bug imho).
Sadly I cannot confirm all this, since I have once spent 2 hours a day for one week in the queue, without playing one single game (I had Arabia banned, wanted to play 4v4). Since that point I am not playing any ranked anymore. Wish ranked lobbies were a thing again

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