New alternate attack units

What new units with alternate attacks would you like to see? Since the Ratha has proved units can change attack modes now.

Some random ideas.

Legionary… that can throw Pilums. Should exist in AOE 1 remake.

An infantry unit with similar stats to a champion, but it can throw axes, can switch to melee mode for extra damage. With the ability to throw axes, it can weaken an incoming enemy first before engaging in close combat. It’s thrown axes are far weaker than the Frank’s Throwing Axes, but it can still do a small bit of damage before fighting up close.

A fast moving skirmisher hybrid spear-man unit. It can throw javelins that do pierce damage, good vs archers, but lackluster vs other units. When switched to melee mode it turns a spearman unit with bonus damage vs cavalry. It basically a skirmisher that can defend itself in close combat.

Some kind of archer unit that does similar damage to that of a crossbowman without bracer or Thumb Ring. Can switch to melee for extra damage.

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A unit able to switch between mounted and foot version (ideally to upgrade konnik’s mechanic).

Pros: more attack and bonus against buildings. No weakness vs pikes.
Cons: low mobility, weakness vs ranged units.

Pros: Mobility
Cons: Weakness vs pikes

An infantry unit able to switch between sprint and normal movement

Normal mode: Similar stats that a champion

Sprint mode: greatly increased speed but can’t attack and -2 PA.

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Unit that can kill other units, or capture them.

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A ranged unit that switches between two modes - a small AoE effect, but with a slow projectile; and some generic ranged attack whichever makes sense to the unit.

Alternatively, the small AoE effect works like Coustilier/Urumi with a recharge.

Basically just thinking about how (rudimentary) grenades were used before the modern ones. It’s not like we don’t have a mobile-AoE attack unit anyway (group of Arambai, Chakram throwers) in the game right now!

Old charging mechanics like the pike wall and shield wall.

I like the idea of a new UU as a hybrid of Skirmisher and Spearman; it has to cost gold and the bonus damage could be the same (or even higher). The downside of this is that would be very micro-intensive and if the civ has access to FU Skirmisher and Spearmen it would never be train

An archer unit with normal attack and attack ground option.

Attack ground: arrows randomly hit an area of 3x3 tiles with 50% of base damage to those units hitted.

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That is all.


Fast fires already do that at the same time which worked well.

Ratha tried and became super weak to all counters.

I did have an insane idea for Urumi re-work. The current urumi is based on beserkers largely. I wanted to base them on teutonic Knights and work in their charge attack.

In ancient south India, Urumi swordmen took long time to become proficient at it. It took insane amount of training with other weapons first and they are trained in Urumis blade last. The urumi sword itself is for self-defence when out-numbered by enemies. The urumi swordsmen are very good at defending themselves as well as attacking.

The AOE2 Urumi 2.0 has very high armour and attack as much as a teutonic Knight. But after their first strike with charge atttack the armour does not work till the charge is complete. The charge re-fills only when unit is not attacking. So you can use the insane armour to get in and take out valuable targets like Siege which Dravidians have a weakness to. Their obvious weakness would be monks.

This unit is like a shock troop to help punch though enemy who is defended heavily.

Samurai with a bow and horse for the Japanese.

  • Bombard cannon dudes with short swords or knives.
  • Genitours which become mounted pikemen up close.
  • Some kind of unit similar to Konnik except the dismounted infantry is much stronger than the mounted version and you can chose when to mount or dismount (mechanic similar to garrisoning in and out of rams or siege towers). Unmounted horses can still be killed and they can move around independently like the rider-less horse scouts you get on MegaRandom but they cannot attack without an infantry rider. If the infantry rider controlling them die, then the horses just become scouts that can’t attack. These unmounted horses would be the fastest unit in the game, but they would slow down to normal cavalry speed when mounted. Also unlike Konniks, if the unit is killed while mounted, only the rider dies, but the horse would remain since it has its own separate HP. So basically the opposite dying behaviour of Konniks.
  • Transport ships which can have up to 5x ranged units firing from deck while at sea.
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I Love this Idea, especially if Siege units can fire too… I imagine it to be with poor range and accuracy but helpful for self-defense or improvise fighting unit…

The Rush or The Charge

I would like to see a mod for all units (except Naval units and Siege units) or a single new unit that can “Charge” at 2 to 3 times their average speed, However since it would arrive “Tired” at the battle, the unit should lose 2 health points for every square grid that advances with not limit… (meaning it can run himself to the dead)

It could be used to get quickly past the defenses or to escape to a friendly castle, plus many other options.

none. the ratha is probably my least favourite unique unit. so clunky to handle, requires new hotkeys to be assigned and a mess to balance
also just doesn’t feel like aoe2

Like tTower that moves in Sea after archers are garrisoned?

“Sea Tower” may need new name now. :wink:

An infantry unit which has small chance of converting enemy unit while fighting.

No, not as powerful as a tower. The transport ship itself cannot fire any arrows. And the archers would not be hiding inside the boat garrisoned, they would be standing on the deck, so they would be more vulnerable than in a garrisoned tower. A sea tower would be too OP.