New Animal Models (v.2.9.7)

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Are these the models Forsant made?

No, they are made by me

Hello! I do like this mod. I think truly enhance a feature which oftenly is not considerated; the nature. May I suggest some ideas? How about turkeys as herdable animals, mainly for native but actually they could be for most civs, by the timeframe of the game the turkey was spreaded around the world (it was a luxury thought, only for rich people).

And perhaps gorillas might be another good animal for selvatic African maps, as guardians or ven regular huntables. Thank you very much!

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While reading the animals I have the same feeling…

This is my recently made mod: Herdable turkeys for Aztec, Haud, Lakota
They are exactly like a sheep, except for the appareance and sound.

Thanks! I like it! Do you think that it could be possible to make it compatible with this mod? if so, that would be awesome. If not, thanks anyway, I’ll use yours when I play as native :slight_smile: For now, I tested having both at the same time and the turkeys just don’t appear, despite the building limit saying that I have them.

Bug fixed, thanks for the feedback. I forgot 1 file, the anim file!