New Arabia is getting old really quickly

As much as I hate massive walling on open maps, this new arabia isn’t really cutting it. It seems that it is perfect for tournament conditions where players just do their thing. But for general consumption it is getting very repetitive very fast with each map generation

Always desert, always elephants, always 2 zibra + 1 ostrich. wood patches more or less the same for every generation. sheep always same distance to tc. Player maps are mirrored in terms of wood patches which makes the game less dynamic

Also having massive amount of hills with equal elevations is just terrible, in previous arabia there were a few hills that players compete for, this is now normalized with the new one

Maybe rename the new arabia to dry arabia or kotd arabia or whatever and throw it in the map rotation pool instead of just using one or another


Oh, cool! They actually made it a mirror map? :smiley: Seems like everyone would be rejoicing. Everyone’s been asking for such a thing since day 1!

Sounds like you’re more on my side, though, where it’s good to have some organic variation and variety in the maps. For the competitive scene and ranked play, though, it’s unfair and an insurmountable difference to have a sheep spawn 5 pixels farther from your TC than the enemy’s, etc… as I’ve gathered from posts over the years anyways :slight_smile:

… but, no, really – I think a lot of players would like this since it does even the balance perfectly

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I like the KoTD Arabia in general but a bit more variety would be good.
One way would be to have a chance that the map would spawn 2 boars and 4 deer occasionally and make it more of a worthwhile option to mill the deer instead of pushing zebra/ostrich.
Hills are ok but maybe have a chance for a few hills away from starting TCs replaced by cliffs instead.


Hills need to be toned down a bit, and moved away from some of the resources, to let people actually place TCs. Then again, if the devs wanted to stop 3 TC Fast Castle plays this map does fairly well. It shouldn’t always be desert though, their should be a chance for a greener biome. It should also vary the animals as well.


You’re contraddicting yourself, hills close to the base are the only way to make massive walling and defensive play not always the best choice in the current meta.


I agree, they should definitely rename this map into Desert and bring back AOC_Arabia to perform as Arabia, the difference between the map we used to play for 20 years and this deserted map is too big to be considered the same map.


Guaranteed rhinos/elephants are the one thing I prefer to see kept 100% in any new Arabia version from now on. The faster food income from needing to push less deer than boar generations is what makes Scouts and Archer openings viable again vs. M@A due to faster up times, rather than any amount of walling nerfs.

It’s too repetitive though. I think it might be interesting if boar, elephants, and rhinos all had the same stats, but they could each appear in either the current elephant version, or the current boar version, and each player would get the same combination. That way we don’t have to always have the rather bland rhino/elephant every game, without any variation.

wow, this is a pretty ■■■■ take.

DId you prefer the old arabia where one player would have a closed map and back resources and the other player had forward resources? EVERY,SINGLE,GAME?

The one where it was ALWAYS the same woodline amount and it was easy to predict boar and sheep spawn of the enemy?

This new arabia is varied, has super random gens, has amazingg terrain and has allowed for some incredibly fun non-meta strategies that I just didn’t see before.

The only thing that’s not ageing well is your post.

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