New Balance Changes 2

So after my thread was closed because of flagging, people found new changes.


Just to confirm, attack move is still in game? I read somewhere they removed it and was just about to make s post ranting at the devs 11

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It’s not being removed. :slight_smile:


Any news for a buff on Battle Elephants? They need to cost less food if devs want to see them played in Castle Age… Gold cost can remain same

I think BE should cost 105F 70G at the most, with a corresponding drop in malay bonus.

So now Attack Move is virtually the same as Patrol, with the exception of your units not continuing to patrol after enemy units have been slain?

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I wonder if the castle age Genitours also gain the +0 vs cav archer that the feudal skirm gains?

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Do note that attack move always has the chance of being faulty and having ur units ignore an attack(afaik i heard to solve that you have to click the attack move at least like 4-5 tiles away from ur units), while patrol is very reliable.

Spirit of the Law tested it and apparently it’s not that noticeable (and Patrol was similarly buggy) for specifically ranged units.

Hey @Chesqin with the attack move being nerfed, have you fixed stop micro?

I think this is not a good solution, because ranged units need a zero-delay attack to effectively hit and run. With this change, you can only focus fire to get a zero-delay attack.

Yes straggler units shouldn’t speed up. But patrol-like delay is just nonsense.

One of the reasons we feel ranged units are strong with attack move is because melee units have bad pathing. And that’s what we should fix, instead of settling with this nerf.


If ranged units get to basically move at full speed while also attacking at full speed, as they could prior to this latest nerf, melee units should probably get the same power.

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They cost exactly what such a pop efficient unit should cost. Bot every unit should be played in every stage of every game


As an archer player, the changes to attack move make me sad

Then, I remember that I dont use attack move micro and become happy again


That’s what a responsive game should be like.

They will if pathing is smooth

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Why are they calling it a nerf though? It’s like saying “they nerfed Lithuanian infinite relic stacking” or “they nerfed the ability to pass through walls” :thinking:

We can only dream. The ironic part is that melee cavalry is already dominating the average player base. So could only imagine how strong they would be if they fixed them

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