New battle mode - Glass army

I always imagined a skirmish mode where your units became more “realistic” in a way that instead of say, hussars receiving 3 cannon shots to take them down, they would only need the 1… Let me explain.

What if age of empires has no such thing as bonus multipliers or armor, and instead relied entirely on the base hp and damage of the units, that would mean it would make things absolutely reliant on the micro of the armies.
After all, it makes sense that if you get shot 10 times you fall dead to the ground right? (I understand that for balance, it’s not the case, but still, what if).

What would happen primarily? well…

  • riflemen would be able to deal with cavalry way more effectively while being vulnerable to closing-in muskets
  • artillery would not be as terribly defenseless to cavalry but would be less effective to infantry
  • Culverins would kinda suck
  • and pikemen would be the worst lol.

Clearly, 1 or 2 tweaks would be needed, but either way, i don’t know about you guys, but i’d like to see how such a game type plays out.

MAMALUKE BE LIKE: ha! 150 shots later, i LIVE!

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You want a more realistic game mode, give all infantry units 3 health and 1 damage, give cavalry 5 health and 1 damage, give artillery 10 health and depending on the unit give from 1 to 1000 damage.

Example of artillery.
Gatling gun with 10 health and 1 damage.
European Mortar 10 health and 1000 damage.

What about the grenadiers?
Grenadier: 3 life and 3 damage.
Mounted Grenadier: 5 health and 3 damage.

What about units that use plate armor?
Makes them almost melee immune and increases their Health from 3 to 5, with that low health they won’t be a problem.

Reduce the cost of all infantry in population to 1 and resources to 15 food and 30 gold.
Reduce the cost of all cavalry in population by 1 and resources by 25 food and 50 gold.
All artillery except mortars should only cost 2 population. (The mortars 4 population)

Settlers have 3 health and 1 damage and should cost 15 food.

I think this would be crazy enough to be fun to play. :slightly_smiling_face:


It would make micro terrible as you’d have to be microing all your musket/rifle infantry to target individual targets because otherwise they’ll all just overkill the same units.

I think it would work and be super cool if musketeer infantry could be redone so they are inaccurate. A mass of musketeers would simply fire a huge volley towards the enemy units and hit them by chance - just like real life! That way you’d cut down on micro and a mass of musket infantry would be the best counter to an enemy mass of units: unless the enemy units manage to close in to melee range. The best counter to a musket blob would be flanking cavalry or scattered light infantry that would be hard to hit with the musketeer volley.

But that’s less of a new game mode and more of an entirely different game :stuck_out_tongue:


I think there is a button combination that makes the infantry attack different enemies at the same time, but I personally think they should be given a specific formation for that purpose.

PS: I don’t know the keyboard combination to attack multiple enemies with a squad. :pensive: