New blacksmith bonus: simultaneous researches

This would apply to the same unit techs and different techs as long as you had the resources. Of course you would also have to be in the correct age to research the corresponding tech for that age and previous techs. So you could research 3 stable armor techs at the same time and/or 2 melee attack techs in imperial age. It would be helpful if you wanted to switch unit types or forgot to get the previous age tech and get the upgrades as soon as possible.

Imo this would be a very weak bonus. In feudal and castle the limiter for upgrades is usually resources not research time, and you rarely can afford to do multiple of them. In imperial it can be useful but then you could just have made a 2nd blacksmith instead, so that would save 175 wood. I would argue a better version of your suggestion would be “Blacksmith upgrades researched 2x faster” but even such bonus would be weak, or at least I can’t think of a civilization that could really exploit it.

Yeah it wouldn’t be a strong bonus and I wasn’t expecting it to be one. It would be stronger for the lesser skilled players since they float more resources though.

Just to point out you can research the same type of tech at the same time. You can’t do that with a second blacksmith. You could research the castle age and feudal age archer armor upgrades at the same time for example.

My bad, I read too quickly. Then indeed it becomes quite unique but also probably a nigthmare to code. Like what happens if you research multiple upgrades at once but one of your blacksmiths gets deleted in the mean time ? Seeing all the bugs that appeared after they introduced the triple tech mod I’m not sure if the engine is ready for this kind of changes and I doubt they would take the risk again. Not to mention it would still be quite a weak bonus and probably still weaker than researching 2x faster.

If researching two things at the same time becomes possible, then researching and training units, in the engine context, could be too.
Now that would be one ■■■■ of a buff. Game breaker, one could say: be it in the tc, castle, docks, or at an stable, the advantage of not worrying with tech times would be too big.