New bug in game

  1. Mezo team villeger card don’t increase total villiger count for non mezo civs . It remains 99. As intended , it just ends it’s utility making it useless in treaty , and not so desirable in bit in sup .

  2. Ottoman 4 villgers from consulate don’t increase villiager count for india (99 to103 ) . It remains 99 .

  3. Even After reaching 99 villiagers , India can get extra villiagers with each shipments , increasing villiagers count more than 99 .

Please fix , ty

point 3 is ok, nothing wrong, its ashipment, shipments can give untis over 200 population
in the previous age 3, if you had 99 villagers and send a shipment, when the shipment was about to aarrive it was cancelled, a nightmare.

There is a bug report section on the forum, move this to that

This is one of the most desirable team cards in all of age ii. Also it ships “SettlerNative”, I guess you could change it to ship the villager type for the allied civ but this makes it even stronger for France and I don’t think we want Native Americans to be converted to European or Asians, do we?

Did u evenn read the thread ??? Those villagers change to European or asian villiagers . Not added to extra units like, It use to do in tad , total villi will remain 99 includfing thosee native villi . Thats why it’s less desirable now .

I read it… Twice now… where was this stated?

It said those cards and Indian consolate Otto villigers don’t increase total villiger count

Yep. I read that. Sorry, I’m not sure how else to explain it to you.

I think u don’t know the mechanics of native or Otto vill , in tad , they used to increase ur villi cap . Not in de .

I do understand it and it increases your vill max count if you’re a non war chief civ.

Not in de , it doesn’t increase the count for non nat civ that’s the bug .

Go test it out with an Aztec teammate and make all your vills. Then post a screenshot of you vill population. In my test I got 102 vills.

Test it on de , I played two games yesterday as Inca , my teammates didn’t get more than 99 villi , same with Otto villigers , I played with India and didn’t get 103 villi with Otto villigers. I keep on getting extra normal villi with cards after I got max tho , till 112 villi

This is an Incan card? They weren’t on TAD. I thought this was about Aztecs.

I did test it on DE with Aztec. Had no idea you’re talking about Inca.

I was talking about Inca , I played with them , also the Otto villigers from consolate , didn’t check the Aztec villiagers tho

Please explain how Inca sends team villagers. Are you talking about the age 3 card that ships vills, llamas, and wood?

They have a age 2 card that sends 3 Inca villgers to team

Nope. That’s Aztec that has that card. As I said, Incans weren’t in TAD.

Yeah but same thing should happen with Incan villi , they are native villigers too