nEW bugs (crashes, freezes, spec chat not working)

Since the new patch I’ve had a big increase in bugs and freezes. Last 3 games I haven’t been able to finish due to either the game completely freezing, or the game just shuts out of nowhere. Ive been sat here for an hour and a half, with 3 losses due to games crashing. a bad experience today.

Anyone else experienced an increase in crashes since the patch?

Just got a random ‘Age of empires is not responding’ crash, never had this before now.


Yup, so far half of the multiplayer games I have played on the new patch have crashed.

I rarely crashed at all on previous patches.


exactly the same as me.


A small bug but team game timeline colors are wrong i.e. red player has some other color timeline next to it. I mean, I am a software developer myself. What have you guys changed to break this 11 :smiley:

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Yes since yesterday nothing goes. Constantly crashing in Single Player mode. It even crashes when I try to load the saved game from tuesday (prior) to the update.

Ya, its been patchy today and yesterday. I have dropped about 75 elo from crashes. There does not seem to be a pattern, at any random point in the game, bam. … back to desktop, application closed. The other experience I have had is that the UI continues to work, but the game is frozen. It can happen 5 mins in, or 50. I have tried disabling any mods etc. But that has not worked.

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Had three multiplayer games crash to desktop, for two different players, tonight. We did manage to restore the last game, and finish it (the other two were only 10-15 minutes into the games).

They are now ordered by teams… on top there is team one, below all members of team 2. Makes sense so far ig, problem is: player flag positions are not adjusted and the advanced to next age banners arent as well.
So this clearly is no bug, but a feature. QA migth have been on vacation or migth even not be hired yet 11 It is a new feature, but it seems like noone ever tested it, still studying Computer Science, but from what I have learned thats not what you are supposed to do xD

And because it is mentioned in the title: I do not see any point for spec chat, besides making T90 happy. Seriously: what if I played a game, wanna publish it via my own channel or whatever, and T90 just casts it. Yeah from that point onwards it is useless for myself… Dont get me wrong, he brought me back to AGE, but after some time Viper is way more enjoyable to watch… and creates his content by himself

Back to original post: yes, lots of crashing/freezing even in singleplayer…

Yes, the game just closes with no warning :frowning: Bye bye elo…

it is the most frustrating thing. one second you are winning, next second you are staring at home screen 11

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Ths is specially frustrating in FFA games… We play long games just for it to crahs, man…

Forced quit/crash during online MP games, very annoying