New Building: Campaing Pavilion

Hello, What do you think of add a new building, A pavilion which roughly should have mid-low HP , low armor, none attack, but can garrison 20 units (foot and chavalry) and has the ability of healing garrisoned units a ratio superior to TC or Castle. Its should occupy 5 pop (in order to not abuse).
It is require to have a monastery before you can build it, and its cost idk, 200W 100G.

Just an idea, good day


Nice idea.

Even better it could be a monastery upgrade that allows it to heal garissoned units.
Same rate as castles but benefit from herbal medicine if researched

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i honestly don’t think such a building would honestly see much use. we don’t even see herbal medicine healing used all that frequently, so i doubt this would see use, and this even takes up population space.


I fear the building might encourage turtling and other unhealthy tactics.

Perhaps a Healing Fountain as in BFME2 could work better. At least all units are out in the open, and you can’t make exploits using the cheap garrisoning potential.

Not knowing where the hell is your opponent’s army went would create a lot of bitterness. The buildings would be used as an intimidation tactic. Two pavilions could hide an entire army anywhere on the map.

A healing fountain don’t like because Units could continue attacking while are being healing, this is why I thouhght a low HP building, after all it is just a tent. I thought it for push situations protected by a Castle maybe. But yeah, maybe is just a sh*tty idea… Idk maybe as an Unique building of some civ, like the Krepost or the Feitoria.

If only there was a tech that could improve your buildings’ healing rate, and if it had got buffed with DE too, we wouldn’t need this right?

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Hahahahah But only Castles and TCs have this ability… This is Why it would be a NEW building.

Dare I suggest you to spam towers if you want a spammable healing building?

Tower does not garrison horses… Think in poor horses…

Yipee mass pavillion spam = you never lose mangudai again

Firstly you can micro when you garrison units (sometimes you can see for Castles or microing vils with TC in dark age to save walk time). It needs low hp and low armour (losing them a lot may feel bad) or units must be healed open, (other units can attack units inside of this building) which is a completely new mechanic.

TCs and Towers heals 6 HP per minute (0.1 HP per second), Castles heals 12 HP per minute (0.2 HP per second) so this building must heal units 18 HP per minute (0.3 HP per second).

With Herbal Medicine:
TC and Tower: 36 HP per minute (0.6 per second)
Castles: 72 HP per minute (1.2 per second)
This building: 108 HP per minute (1.8 per second!)

This building can fit 20 units. 20x108=2160 per minute, that’s about 3.5 Elite War Elephant HP healed per minute.

I suggest same HP and Armour as a House and consuming some pop enough. Not that spammable and elephants can’t warp with garrison and ungarrison another building. Easily destroyable. I think it must cost 150 gold and 50 stone for making sure it’s usually can be built in Late game where your units can easily destroy a house.


hahah Wow, seems Mangudai is the example for anything thing that looks OP.
Yes, you are right, but maybe as a Unique Building (not for Mongols, please God, the Mangudaaiii)

Well I just mentioned Mangudai as the most obvious example, but any strong HCA could become nightmarish once combo’d with those.

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Isnt it easier to just use monks to heal?

Maybe… It is just an idea… I’m not asking for more healing features… :thinking:

But your idea is for more healing like a hospital with a pop limit.

Yep, that is, like an campaing hospital

Healing is not something done all the time so wasting pop space for a building might not be a useful thing to do. Even for a scenario if there is a low population limit people would rather train 2 monks than have a building with 5 pop slots.


Yes, but this building would have more healing capacity than two monks,even more than the castle. Maybe for long push situation would worth it. Thanks for your answers

A house of healing or hospital or something. Maybe we could have Hospitaller and Templar knight units added for the editor.

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