NEW Byzantine UU (proposal) - Utilizes Greek fire UT

Make it regional unit. No kidding. Give same one to Saracens or Persians.

9th and 10th centuries: Sughdian Naffatah ‘fire trooper’

Naffatun, or naffatin, or naffatah, or nafata… I think that are described as throwers of pots filled with flaming naphtha, rather than using a siphon to administer the substance through it.

Naphtha was also used by the Abbasids in the 9th century, with special troops, the naffāṭūn, who wore thick protective suits and used small copper vessels containing burning oil, which they threw onto the enemy troops.[65]

Some armies developed specialised “fire-troops”. By 837, many Muslim armies had groups of “naffatin” (fire archers),[14] and when the Mamluk Sultanate raised a fleet for an attack on Cyprus they had “nafata”, or firetroops.[15]

Tabari describes them in an attack upon Basra in 866 CE as having one pilot (istiyam), three fire-throwers (naffatun), a baker, a carpenter and thirty-nine rowers and fighters making up a complement of forty-five.[6]

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Indeed, it’s closer from a small Molotov cocktail than a flamethrower. Siphons were a 100% byzantine tech, that was lost over time.

Well a French chemist rediscovered the formula of greek fire in the mid-18th century but the complete idiot that happened to be the king at the time decided to buy the formula to refuse using it…


I was JUST thinking about this. I imagined they could be Castle Age Archery Range unit that replaces Hand Cannoneers.

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I like to see ideas inside a common framework that are practical like this, being put on the table.

I think they should throw bars of Fels Naptha instead…the soldiers’ clothes are stained with blood and they want to look good for their next engagement.

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I really back the idea of Greek Fire enabling the “Tatar flaming camel” slot for Cheirosiphon at Castle Age, as a “footman fire ship”:

  1. First of all, you are right that is a kind of blasphemy that Byzantines don’t have any fire weapon on land. It is even more typical to Byz than Cataphract itself, since Cataphract was historically also joined with Persians (and ever more used by the later).

  2. It would be odd if this weapon is used upon a siege tower (as in the picture you posted), since siege towers are used to overcome walls, not destroy them.

  3. It would be also odd to merge this fire weapon with another Siege Workshop’s unit… where would be the siphon?

  4. Also strange within a tower (fire towers in campaings)… who would want to use a still tower to damage other buildings?

  5. Greek Fire wouldn’t be anymore an exclusively maritime tech, and it’d be more accurate and respectful to their whole meaning.

  6. Of course Byzantines would need to be nerphed after such a change… at least reverting the historically unlike cost reduction upon Camels? (at least…)

Really hope Devs to take a close look to your idea.

(PS: any knows if they actually read this forum?)
(PS 2: sorry for my non-native English)