New Campaigns Please

seen the new Hausa home city picture, and I love it. I hope that they come with their own campaigns, as well as new campaigns for existing civs such as the inca and the swedes.

please invest in single player scenarios for the expansions, its something i and many others would enjoy. the biggest disappointment from this expansion would be if it was a simple civ drop for skirmishes/pvp.


There will be a new campaign according Adam Isgreen.


1 or 2 campaigns with the expansion aren’t enough, I hope they continue with campaign packs on a more frequent schedule with existing civs between expansions. it is something I’m interested in buying, hopefully they release a campaign pack after the expansion and see if it makes a profit and makes sense continuing.

I’ve played the coh3 beta campaign, and its total war like grand campaign map with player choice is something I love. I hope to see a campaign pack implement this in aoe3 with multiple civs you can choose from as well as allies on the map for joint operations. possible campaigns can be the the Meiji restoration, the Napoleonic campaigns and the 30/7 year war.


There is plenty of room to new historical battles too


No way to implement a coh3 campagin map at this stage of the game.

New Campaign, New Maps, New Native settlements will be out.


I’m hoping for actual historical campaigns bassed on true battles of wich there are numerous , not any fictitous characters/stories.


In the latest DLC for AOE2, three new campaigns have been added, and, before the Definitive Edition, each expansion added many campaigns. The Definitive Edition itself added many campaigns. The result is today’s AOE2 has countless campaigns, and the next DLC will add more.
I expected a AOE3 Definitive Edition filling this huge gap, and almost nothing has been added. Please, fill the gap! We would PAY for them!