New card idea for Aztecs, Hauds, and Inca

So, I got this cool idea for new cards that would affect Aztec and Hauds

as many of you are familiar with, all the native civs have big button abilities that allow them to get expensive but high-power techs, often resources or units.

there is even already a card for big button techs available in the third age called “the old ways” available for these civs that greatly lowers the cost of these upgrades. but nobody really sends this because by the time some of these techs are worth it you have more than enough economy to just use it immediately

that’s because a lot of the techs are timing based on their effects, such as “send 1 (unit) for every X minutes that has passed (max 30 minutes)”

the big button upgrades that are timing based are available for Hauds, giving 500 of a resource for every 10 minutes that pass in a game (they have 1 for each resource), Inca which have timing based big buttons for spawning macemen and llamas, and Aztec who have almost ALL of their big button abilities as unit shipments that are time based on how many you get

so my new card idea is this: an age 2 or 3 card that boosts the game timer specifically with timing based big buttons. lets say 10 minutes as an example, and using aztecs

so lets say its 8 minutes in the game. at your war hut is a big button ability that ships 1 puma spearmen for every 2 minutes that passes. it costs 750 coin. at 8 minutes that delivers 4 pumas, but if you ship this card, all the big buttons are boosted by 10 minutes, so you could spend 750 coin and get 9 pumas. also available at the house for 500 coin is the exact same thing but for otontin slingers. once you get to age 3, say at 12 minutes, at the farms for 600 food and 500 wood is a big button that gives 1 eagle runner for every 2 minutes, with this shipment counting for 10 extra minutes, that’s 11 eagle runners.

the techs are still very expensive, so it wouldn’t be broken or anything, as the buttons would require a lot of investment in the early game for them. and if you wanted to invest a second shipment into the old ways to make them cheaper, then cool

that means at 10 minutes with this shipment, hauds could spend 500 of each resource to get 1000 of each resource in crates, a neat little boom ability that requires some investment for a cool pay off that allows them to either recover from a failed rush, or set up some neat timing push

it means Inca could get 5 macemen from their big button at the 10 minutemark, if they sent this card. and follow it up with llamas either for dancing or eating.

my point is, having this addition would not only open up an entirely new playstyle and strategy archetype for Aztec, but it would serve as a neat way to recover from a rush as Hauds, or do some wonky weird maceman strat with Inca… and I love my wonky strats

what do you think of my card idea? anyone got a developers ear? XD

Aztecs and Incas do not need more cards, they already received enough. The truth is that the old version of Incas and Aztecs before the rework is very much missed.
In the case of the azzys, they need urgent nerfs, because they are broken. Especially in the community plaza.

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I think more people would argue that azzies need a little more to their hand. Obviously there are other civs that need to be looked at first, such as Portugal or Russia, but the problem is that white azzies gone there we work, they got it very early in the life of de and have since been power creeped and outscaled by every new rework and civ that’s come out since. They are usable and good, but not OP or anything lol. What I’m seeking specifically our cards like this that encourage new play styles and encourage more fast forward to see type stuff rather than all our rushes, since I think those are boring and it’s all Aziz are known for for the most part when they are so much more than that

In treaty I understand that they are not OP, but in 1v1 supremacy they are too powerful, the minutemen spam, the 10 WP in the plaza, the WC tanking a lot of damage, to a lesser extent the FI of skulls, an excellent water boom, a rush pretty decent, turtle OP, etc. The otomi+eagle+arrow combo is very strong. Aztecs is the most powerful native civilization atm, very versatile tbh. Their shipments are also very powerful, idk what cards to put in my deck, because they have such good cards that the truth is that 25 cards are not enough for me.

And this is not just what I say, it is said by high-level players, there are recs, there are VODs on twich, there is a lot of data that supports what I say.

PS: Portugal is a bit weak, yes, but Russia I think is the most powerful civilization in AoE3 atm (personal opinion).

When the Aztecs allied themselves with the native Europeans, their navy would be unrivaled

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