New cheats

There should be new cheats for adding UT. That you can get others civ UT. Cheats should be: UT ALL, UT BRI, UT FRA, UT BYZ. Also when they have created co-play on campaigns also the same on skirmish and new type og skirmish where when you defeat a civ their UT are added to you civ and saved so you can use it in next skirmish against AI.

Use scenario Editor for this

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Yes please use the editor. The amount of players that are using the cheats is (imho, i dont have data or sources) pretty small. And seeing how many bugs got introduced with the going above and beyond cheatcode, I really dont wanna see this

I would rather have a tank as a new cheat unit, or something that gives you control of target players units.

You can already switch player during game. Not a cheats code but a key combination. Something like control alt f1-f8. Used it a year ago when creating a acneario and testing it about a bit.

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Interesting, is it just single player?

All cheats are just single player, no? I don’t think switching players would work multilayer even with cheats enabled, but never tried