New civ concept: The Tiwanaku

First of all, I don’t speak neither English nor Spanish as my native language. So please bear with me if I make any grammar or puctuation mistakes.
This is just a conceptual suggestion, that’s why the thread will only address bonuses, unique units and techs. Specific bonus values and the tech tree can always be tweaked for balance later.

The Tiwanaku

Civ role: Harassing and pushing.
Civ concept: Monks and towers.

-Starts with 1 Kala monolith nearby.
-Shepherds generate X% wood in addition to food.
-Monks gain +X range per age.
-Towers can pack and unpack starting in the castle age.

Unique units

  • Highland besieger: Unique infantry unit that deals bonus damage against siege units.
  • Tiwanaku priest: Unique monk unit that replaces the regular monk. This unit can block two instances of meele damage. Available at the monastery since the castle age.

Unique techs

  • Akapana rituals (Castle age): Spearmen and skirmishers are trained X% faster.
  • Religious expansionism (Imperial age): Eagle warriors replace their gold cost with food.

Unique building or unique civilian unit

  • Kala monolith: Unique building that can increase the armor of friendly civilian units (villagers and fishing ships) by +1/+1 in an area of Y tiles, and generate stone at 13/minute. Build limit: max 4 at the same time. Available since the Castle age.

Team bonus
Outposts, towers and castles provide +5 pop.

Extra civ techs
-Wari warmongering (Castle age): For the tiwanakus, siege workshop units receive -X% bonus damage. For all teammates, siege workshop units move 10% faster. It can be researched at the siege workshop.

There is one reference to the Waris because of their confederation.
Plate mail armor and elite eagle warrior technologies are missing from the tech tree.
Damage block ability inspired by Devalut’s bone armor ability that was ported from a mod. All credit to him.

Possible wonders:

-Gateway of the Sun.
-Gate of the Moon.
-Ponce stela.

Architecture: Andean (shared with the incas).

AI players:

-Protector of Chuqi Q’awa
-Protector of Kimsa Chata
-Lord of Qhunqhu Wankani
-Lukurmata governor
-Lord of Humahuaca

Languages: Puquina and Aymara (La paz dialect, or Jujuy-Salta dialect).

Reserved for the historical background.

a lot of things are wrong with this Civ but first You cant just give Trebuchet Functionality to Keeps they have 2250 base HP you can just place ten of them in an area and you there nothing your opponent can do about it until they bring siege and when they bring siege you can just pack up and leave. When you build a Tower or Castle that it is a commitment to that area if you don’t defend your fortification then the enemy will treb them down. Also imagine surviving a tower rush and then all of a sudden your opponents towers have mobility.

I thought it could be like in AoM. When you move a building through a god power, you need to invest a lot of time and resources. I should have clarified that.